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MIT_ROSMAP_Multiomics - Not Adding up to 2.3 Million cells
Unable to find information if samples are diagnosed as AD, nonAD or CONTROL in ROSMAP
Data Release 24.5 | May 2024
How to find relation between Sample name (FASTQ file name) to Specimen ID/Individual ID?
Where to get more clinical information in syn3191087?
Question on syn52408579
Multiome Glutamatergic Neuron ATAC file.
Question on syn52293433
Sequencing Batch in snRNAseq_metadata (syn52368902)
Fastq analysis, Use of cloud
Mapping SNPid to Specimen ID ROSMAP study (syn16984409)
Unable to map the individuals from syn2580853 ROSMAP counts filtered raw to the metadata
Which synID do i need to add to the DUC?
SEA-AD: where can I find the MTG (middle temporal gyrus) bam files?
NPS-AD snRNAseq raw fastq files
Diverse Cohorts 10x Multiome UMI
Data Release 24.4 | April 2024
Oligodendrocyte RNA object for syn52339332
Multiple runs per individual - syn26944026
syn55219673, syn52363764, syn53694215
link gene names to rows of the expression and link sample ids to columns of the expression in the data syn18686381
MSBB RNAseq metadata, what does `AD-NC` value mean in the column Dx?
confirming use cases
Metadata for syn52293417
Finding RIN for ROSMAP brain RNAseq data
Requesting Raw .FASTQ Files from syn4896408
downloading WGS bam file(GRCh37)
Clarification needed for syn5958425 BAM files
upload MayoPilotRNAseq_RNAseq_TCX_PSP_geneCounts.tsv file
Some individuals in snATAC-seq cannot be found in WGS metadata
Could you please upload the processed gene expression data file?
upload ACOM_Gene_Count_CQN_log2RPKM.csv file again
Could you please upload ACOM_Gene_Count_CQN_log2RPKM.csv file again?
Help with donor metadata in project syn16780177
Data Release 24.3 | March 2024
FreshMicro fastq questions
Help with mapping barcodes to donors at syn26223298
The RNA-SEQ harmonization study AGORA RNA-SEQ results
MSBB Proteome data
How can I obtain the actual age for 90+ samples?
Problems with linking data with the method descriptions
Microglia RNAseq data
syn50996869 availability
Clinical Project IDs not all 8 digits
Speicific apoeGenotypes are lost in the metadata of SEA-AD study.
Data Release 24.1
Fastq to sample confusion - syn51123517
Non-matching IDs for syn4896408 processed data and metadata
Issues Downloading syn21261297 with Synapse API
Read files directly from Synapse remote storage into local memory
ROSMAP scRNA seq data
MSBB RNAseq data columns mapping to individual
ROSMAP Single Nucleus RNAseq (DLPFC, Experiment 2) - Processed data?
Projid available for MIT_ROSMAP_Multiomics_individual_metadata syn52430346?
Discrepancy in ROSMAP syn34572333 and processed files
The RNAseq Harmonization Study (RNAseq Harmonization) phenotype file
Help requested in locating specific ROSMAP bulk brain RNA-seq files
The drug and BMI information about the sample of Religious Orders Study and Memory and Aging Project (ROSMAP) project
Team member listed on DUC cannot access approved data
Choosing control samples/patients for differential expression analysis
Sample processing description for syn31512863
CSF sTrem2 data for any of the studies ofROSMAP
Source code and gene markers for cell clusting of the processed data syn51123521
What transcriptome reference are the RNA-seq (bulk brain) .bam files mapped to?
I can not find the information of PLQ-Mn in ROSMAP_clinical.csv
missing individual ids
syn52335508: index .tbi files not found for sc multiome data
Data Release 20.7
UPENN ADMC P180 data
SNP values syn3157329
Question on the syn52293442
Metadata for ROSMAP
syn52293432 Link fastq files to clinical sample ID
Data Release 20.6
RosMap DLPFC scEQTL Data
Diversity Cohorts WGS SNP VCFs
RINs for the cerebellar RNA-seq data
How to find which fastq file corresponds to which specimen ID
request to download syn51150434
Why are there two specimen IDs for each individual in DLPFC2 snRNA-seq cohort?
Data Release 20.5
How to find the quantitative a-synuclein pathology (pS129) data?
Downloading Programmatically has Issues
Matching cell IDs with AD pathology
trouble mapping ID with processed data syn18681734
ROSMAP Proteomics TMT Round 2 Data (syn30390636)
syn11724057 variant annotation information
Summary statistics from Felsky et al.
cell state annotation in sc-rnaseq data n = 465
syn51082817 sample ID
The APOE Targeted Replacement (APOE-TR) Study
Individual Metadata: syn6101474, syn51942196
Data dictionaries for the AMP-AD Diverse Cohorts study
Cell annotation file does not cover all cells for study syn31512863
Our offices are closed the week of August 7th, 2023
Way to tell when the bam files were uploaded for DPLFC and DPLFC.ACC.PC RNA seq bulk data?
FreshMicro RNAseq fastq files
Olah et al., 2020, control (TLE) data
need to re-process to compare samples? ROSMAP (snRNAseq - DLPFC, Experiment 2)
Add new collaborators to an existing DUC
MayoHippocampus syn32141215
Provenance for ROSMAP_Residualized_counts_(diagnosis).tsv; syn26967454
SNP_A and AFFX-SNP variant conversion
SEA-AD syn30961086
Data Release 20.4
Discrepancy ROSMAP_biospecimen_metadata.csv and matrix barcodes
Question regarding the number of processed files for syn51123521
SuperAgerEpiMap ChIP-seq Data - File Names Different to Metadata
Genome coordinate version of SNPs in ROSMAP?
synapseclient 423 Client Error
syn3387327 metadata
WGS data sample size
Bulk download of fastq file annotations from ROSMAP study
API method to download only MANIFEST.tsv
Emory Vascular syn18909507 quality control files
Matching sample IDs of WGS genotypes and RNAseq fastq files
Sex and X chromosome data for HBTRC
VCF from WGS Data for syn25955362
Data sharing plan for AMP-AD analyses
Unable to find information if samples are diagnosed as AD, nonAD or CONTROL in ROSMAP
SuperAgerEpiMap RNAseq data
Specimens in Jax.IU.Pitt_APOE4.Trem2.R47H mouse study RNAseq metadata file (syn18345333) are missing...
MSBB ATACSeq & RNASeq metadata
Counted Alleles
mapping SEA-AD fastq file names to specimen ID
MEM00018_R1.fastq is broken.
Some RNA-seq fastq files fail to download via API.
Blood and brain RNA-seq for matching individuals
syn18637070 Missing normalized expression for UCI 5XFAD models
HBTRC study-syn3981980
Where can I find chemical annotation for ROSMAP Metabolon HD4 data (syn26007830)?
ROSMAP clinicopathological parameters
ROSMAP WGS QC data "Duplicate" samples
ROSMAP Sequencing metadata
Gene Expression (RNA seq - monocyte)
TDP43 staging
Did the WGS variant VCF files already lifted to Hg38?
Data Release 20.3
Where can I find the raw fastq files corresponding to the expression table (syn3505720)?
Chemical Annotation for ROSMAP Metabolon HD4 data (syn25985690)?
APOE status of Emory vascular data
Matching fastq file names to sampleID
Strange clustering from mcsa_rnaseq_rawcount.txt file
Match ROSMAP TMT proteomics round2 with patients
Some Banner TMT Proteomics raw data seem to be missing
Phenotypic Data
Mapping syn26223298 metadata to ROSMAP clinical data
raw data for fresh microglia RNAseq
Data Release 20.1
Open / Controlled Access data
Retrieve table information for syn31512863's children files
syn21589957: Mtx file missing
AMP-AD_ROSMAP_Rush-Broad_AffymetrixGenechip6 Imputed Data converting to Plink Format
I wonder why UPP data Braak Score ranges 0-3? Not 0-6?
Are AMP-AD gene or splicing matrices considered individual-level data?
missing info to link gene names and sample IDs to the expression data of syn18686381?
Data type to pick on whole exome and genome sequencing
snRNAseqAD_TREM2 study genotypes
ROSMAP microglia snRNAseq count matrix?
Data Release 19.11
Questions about "All Differential Expression (Merged)"
How to match scRNA-seq fastq and WGS file names to individual ID
45 ROSMAP sample IDs in WGS data could not be found in clinical meta data
Unmapped.fastq Files in syn7416949
Matching individualID with specimenID
Imputation quality scores for ROSMAP
Additional ROSMAP Variable Definitions
Additional Documentation
labeling of counting files
Project ID for GWAS Illumina chopped #syn7769936
ROSMAP metadata file that links projid and rnaseq_id for the most recent rnaseq dataset.
does the meta file include mutation status and drug treatment?
The clinical diagnosis for syn21595807 is not matching
Multiple biospecimens by individual?
Is the dataset in syn25672239 published?
Data Release 19.10
Genotype Imputed Sample Match up.
Cannot download the dataset, even I have Access Data Use Certificate
SEA-AD Multiomics snATACseq FASTQ files available?
Diagnosis in ROSMAP proteome data
Requesting Access to Studies - Individual Data Files?
Accessing additional datasets
metadata for sample mapping (syn11673599 ) only contains one line
Strand-Specific Protocol of Paired-End Sequencing of ROSMAP samples
ROSMAP_IDkey.csv file for the latest ROSMAP data
Raw file for TREAT-AD Scores?
Temporary download restrictions
ROSMAP imputation fails due to low call rate
ROSMAP Cognitive Resilience - syn22695346
MSBB Proteome from PHG
can not download metadata including subject ID for syn12972536
Metadata for HDAC1-cKOBrain (syn5987310)
ROSMAP microglia single cell data
Brain BDNF gene expression
Column metadata for syn6100414
Data Release 19.8
Re-run batch in syn6100414
Are syn6100414 and syn23568603 the same file?
ROSMAP Metadata syn21438358
Team request question
ROSMAP blood RNAseq data
Is age of diagnosis available for the MSBB dataset?
Empty columns in MSBB_individual_metadata.csv, syn6101474
SEA-AD library suffixes appear inconsistent
Jax.IU.Pitt_APOE4.Trem2.R47H (syn18345335) mouse brain sampling dates inconsistent with documentation
Jax.IU.Pitt_5XFAD_individual_metadata.csv (syn22103212) jobNumber field
Data Release 19.7
Mapping hdf files to assay metadata
Phenotype information for syn16780177
Is data for syn26952206 available?
Hi-C quality syn26161051
Question about generation of SEA-AD single nuclei data
ROSMAP blood RNA-seq data (syn22024498)
Missing covariates in the Mayo-RNAseq data
geotype data
Information regarding sample classification
Which study does syn21589959 fastq files correspond to?
Data Release 19.6
Problems with MayoRNAseq Cerebellum raw data
Data Release 19.5
Number of Samples In Mayo RNA-Seq Dataset
How to dowload BAM and fastq files, and how to know
NIA-Reagan score in ROSMAP metadata
difference between Diff Expression summary stats
Is the data of the proportion of neuronal cells available? Synapse ID: syn3387327.
Read 2 fastq files are missing for UCI_5XFAD mouse samples 624C and 624H
Seek help: What tools can we use to download BAM and fastq files
Unable to download all files
Issues with some ROSMAP RNAseq monocytes fastq files (syn22024498)
syn2580853 - ROSMAP_Brain_Lipidomic data_batch correction_combined Pos and Neg.csv
MayoTCX (syn16984410) and MayoCER (syn16984411) eQTL results are the same
clinical metadata
10x snRNA metadata sample (sex, age, disease or control)
Data Release 19.3
IRB approval: Accessing the metabolomic data
Map ROSMAP RNASeq IDs with clinical data
raw unimputed data syn25671158
Batch info syn27000373
AD status information
AMP-AD RNAseq re-processing
Diagnosis based on clinic data in MSBB
Filtered Data
Fastq files for ROSMAP samples
SNP position information
How to obtain cell types
Detailed description of the 21 cognitive performance tests in ROSMAP
ROSMAP analysis best practices
batch information in syn27034471
Physical Activity
Mayo Temporal Cortex syn22248440 vs syn15833248
Mayo RNA-Seq Counts
syn24168322 author + publication
Discrepancy between sample naming of HBTRC SNP data and corresponding expression data available on GEO
Joint analysis ID
Data Release 19.1
what is the QuantitatedExpression?
Lipid annotation metadata for ROSMAP lipidomics (syn26452612)
compliance documentation for my IRB
syn8456721 cannot download data
Data Release 18.12
What do the file names denote? and How to label samples?
Which index is better used to classify samples
Additional covariates
How to download the WGS Harmonization study bam files
ROSMAP brain syn21589959 download error
Is there a detailed description of CDR and MMSE scores in MSBB file
How to calculate the data size?
Data Release 18.11
About the values of dosages
Where to send the progress report
Two Data Sources Inaccessible Even After Permission Granted
About the number of individuals in ROSMAP
Imputed Illumina Genotype IDs
SYN21079128's pQTL Results.csv and SYN2580853's rosmap DLPFC pQTLs.csv
Fail to upload Data Use Certificate(DUC)
MSBB mismatched individualIdentifier
Error to download syn11707308
Error to use synGet for downloading files
Integration of the curated data set into our public discovery platform
Data Release 18.10
is 10.7303/syn8650955 (imputed genotypes from MayoRNAseq) based on GRCh37 or 36?
Is syn18681734 gene expression (count) data, normalized?
Converting dosage file to bgen file
Including a copy of scrambled gene expression data with a manuscript submission
Missing fastq files in UCI 5xFAD data
Contact information
Complete Pathologic data of individuals in MayoRNAseq (syn23277389)
Data Release 18.9
Imaging data for ROSMAP cohort study
MicroRNA to individual
Data Release 18.8
CAN'T find the Data Use Certificate (DUC) form
Is sample information available for Agora proteomics DE analysis?
ROSMAP Age at study entry?
ROSMAP Blood RNAseq Counts
Long read WGS data from Dr. Towfique Raj's Lab
meaning of CERAD score value
Data Release 18.7
who should be PI for data use certificate
ROSMAP: MMSE with decimal
rosmap raw gene counts (bulk rna seq)
Clinical metadata - AD vs no AD condition
ROSMAP pQTL data can not be downloaded
Does any of the brain analysis contain demographic like BMI
Upcoming Workshop: Find & Search Data through the AD Knowledge Portal
Data Use Certificate
Data Release 18.6
ROSMAP metadata/protocols
monocytes RNA - ROSMAP (syn22024496)
Coding allele & imputation quality for ROSMAP imputed dosage files
Data Release 18.5
Issue with data table
syn8612097: Metadata for ROSMAP FASTQ Files
Mapping between hg19 (MSBB_XXXX) and hg38 (AMPAD_MSSM_0000XXXX) Sample IDs
Deidentification of Datasets
Data Release 18.4
Technical guidance for working with AD Knowledge Portal data
Gene expression on chromosome X (syn3388564)
MSBB RNAseq sample discrepancy?
About eQTL data used in SMR analysis
Same individualIdentifier for different columns in the MSBB covariate data?
analysis of dataset synID: syn21971722
It seems that the numbers for ADs and controls are in reverse
What is difference?
Data Release 18.3
syn10930306: Exon Count Workflow
Data dictionary for file"MSBB_individual_metadata.csv"
Counts of participants with different omics in ROSMAP
Is the phosphoproteomics dataset in StJude_BannerSun project available? Synapse ID: syn21638690
Mayo_CBE: ERROR in reads input: quality string length is not equal to sequence length
Empty age_first_ad_dx, no AD?
Question regarding normalization of the MSBB RNA-seq gene expression data
Data Release 18.2
Upcoming MODEL-AD Webinar - March 24
Is the final intensities ratio table for MSBB TMT proteomics dataset available? Synapse ID: syn5759470
Check Status of Data request
Which Genome reference is used in syn3157329
eQTL for the MSBB
ROSMAP bulk brain RNAseq fastq data
Inquiry about AMP-AD_ROSMAP_WGS data
Data Release 18.1
Mayo Gene Expression fastq files
Inquiry about the WGS data in the Mayo cohort
Inquiry about the WGS data in the MSBB cohort
Question about syn21188662
Duplicated records in ROSMAP_assay_RNAseq_metadata.csv
AMP-AD Knowledge Portal-Controlled Access DUC-v6 form
number of ROSMAP RNAseq DLPFC samples
How to find detailed information on samples (age/gender/healthstatus/tissue/etc) from sample ID numbers?
meta analysis for eQTL from different cohort
Data Release 17.5
Manuscript proofreading after using specific datasets
syn18485175 ROSMAP single cell RNA-Seq
Count data for ROSMAP RNA-Seq (bulk brain)
Post can be removed
MSBB - RNA-seq - Normalization and covariates correction
Unable to Download Data
Ask about converting file format to plink format.
Download Dataset Error: syn22391841
Raising the bar on data and biosample sharing from AD/ADRD clinical trials
ID matching: Clinical.csv file to RNA Seq files
Data Release 17.4
How to download part of files from a folder?
Some question about data download
Is time/date of death available?
The Emory_Vascular study (syn22049467)
ROSMAP Duplicates and QC files
meaning of sample ID (e.g. 489_120515_1) in syn2580853
Open data in syn8484987 for differential analysis
Data Release 17.3
Fastq files in syn22024496
AMP-AD ROSMAP, MSBB, Mayo WGS Raw Data Access
Data Release 17.2
Blood proteomics data from AD patients?
Where to find the clinical data matched to ROSMAP proteomic data?
Access to Raw Fastq Files for MC-CAA Study (syn9779506)
more questions about meta data for ROSMAP RNAseq (bulk blood)
meta data for ROSMAP bulk blood RNAseq?
AD Knowledge Portal Quarterly Webinar Series: Dr Ihab Hajjar
Mapping RNASeq data to miRNAs?
Access to QC plots?
MSBB proteomics metadata - bbscore column
BM Column headers in syn8484987
Metabolite data?
Data Release 17.1
Mayo RNAseq FASTQ files
Using AMP-AD data in a shiny app backend
snRNAseqAD_TREM2 study (Zhou 2020 Nature Medicine paper)
xQTL -- sample information for eQTL analysis
Rosmap clinical unknown race
Issue aligning single-cell RNAseq microglia sample AD9 - syn12514624
ROSMAP blood RNA seq metadata
The expression level of each protein with individual
Issue with *unmapped.fq data
Could not find Count Matrix for ROSMAP blood bulk RNA-seq
Medication info for ROSMAP metabolite data?
Data Release 17.0
Issue with Proteomics data
eQTL analysis: TCX - Mayo, ROSMAP || what is the allele for beta?
Portal News: Explore 2.0
(MCADGS - MayoeGWAS) - BRAAK score request
Braak Score HBTRC project
LOD info for p180 brain?
Single cell RNA Seq versus bulk RNA Seq counts
Definition of "cis" gene-markers
Data use agreement
Case/Control data regarding ROSMAP p180 data?
About the relationship between syn4009614 and syn3191087
Are the acknowledgments of MSBB_ArrayTissuePanel and MSBB same?
How to cite or acknowledge of syn16779040?
issue about downloading single-nucleus RNA sequencing data
Download of controlled access data
Are the samples different?
Match sample ID of methylation array data
Missing Imputed fam file for genotype : syn3157329
Fam file missing from the chop imputed files
RNAseq bam files genome reference
Finding MSBB datasets with different name formats
RNA seq gene ID
Matrix EQTL analysis?
Data Release 16.3
Mayo RNA-Seq poly+?
Mayo RNASeq metadata doesn't match samples on gene counts file
Transposed sample annotation columns in APOE-TR_biospecimen_metadata.csv
AWS Batch download files
Mapping ROSMAP scRNA (microglia) samples to bulk mRNA samples
Corresponding individualID for WGS specimenID
Data release 16.2
The CDR score in the MSBB dataset
R6284240 mislabeled as DLPFC?
POSTPONED: Quarterly Webinar Series
No clinical metadata for projid 59204827
Banner Sun Health Research Institute (Banner) study - Mapping IDs to supplementary data
AMP-AD MSBB-MSSM RNA-seq expression at isoform level?
Sharable dataset?
rnaSeqReprocessing Library Prep - Stranded vs Non-Stranded?
Upcoming event: Webinar April 9 at 1pm EST
ROSMAP covariates in normalized residual expression dataset
ROSMAP raw and imputed genotype data
Some MSBB samples have very high % aligned reads
Problem with TPM_5xFAD_12mo_Cortex_hippocampus.txt
ROSMAP RNA-seq data and VCF files
Release 16.1
Question about the ROSMAP single cell fastq files and RNA seq data for Microglia
How to get the linkage between the file name and its syn ID in batch
Raw Counts Data for transcript expression in isoform level
Dying young at an old age - Upcoming Webinar
Reprocessed RNASeq ROSMAP BAM file inquiry
Mayo eGWAS non-AD diagnoses (syn3157225)
ROSMAP snpArray raw data
Are some of the fastq files of syn8612213 corrupt?
Release 16.0
Unable to determine Patient Diagnosis in syn18485175
Sample size of WGS for MSSB
Accessing reprocessed ROSMAP (syn8456629) supplemental files (syn8449369)
Question about MSBB subject id, Apo1 and Apo2 in MSBB.clinical.csv
Normalized, batch-corrected MSBB PFC_proteininput
Download unmapped.fq.bam from MSBB RNA-seq
About CDR and Braak on this dataset
About the order of individualIdentifier
At SfN? Come by the AMP-AD Knowledge Portal booth
AMP-AD Visiting Scientist Program
Data for Differential Expression Gene Analysis
Time interval between definition of NCI/MCI/AD and Braak Stage
Which parts of data can be re-identified (syn18485175)?
?-amyloid levels available in clinVar? syn3191087
Release 15.3 - Other Updates
Gene Lengths
Question on ROSMAP imputed genotypes (syn 5879748.1) -- SNPs corresponding to chromosome for dosage file
syn6090805 question regarding differential gene expression data
syn6090805 question regarding differential gene expression data
Release 15.2 - update
MSBB fastq files used in Readhead et al.'s viruses in Alzheimer's paper? syn12177270
AMP-AD TCX control data
WGS files - enquiry
overlapping subjects between MayoRNAseq and ROSMAP RNAseq
Granted access to ROSMAP, but not able to access syn8456631, syn8456640, syn10139109
AMP-AD TCX fastq files request
July 31 @ 3pm EST: Webinar on the ROSMAP cohorts with David Bennett
ROSMAP unmapped RNAseq reads
lacking quality string for fastq files
Are the STAR alignment log files available, and if so, where?
Missing gene expression data in MSBB dataset(syn7391749)
Release 15.1 - updates
About the clinic information of syn10235596
Batch information of the MSBB WGS data
MSBB PROTEIN OUTPUT- how to deal with multiple protein IDs?
What is the statistics test for syn19001570?
ROSMAP Imputed data
ROSMAP data access - please read
Download ROSMAP data
May 2019 - Data Release
ROSMAP data access - signatory official
Strandedness of Mayo RNASeq dataset (Synapse ID syn5049298)
Broad MDMi protocol details
MSBB fastq files
Request to use FastQ files from syn5550404 Temporal-Cortex RNA-Seq
Download MSBB RNAseq
Question in Banner and Mayo Proteomics data
"resequenced" in MSSM_sample_FASTQs
ROSMAP RNA Seq data - Cost and Contact person
ROSMAP omics data
Help needed
MSBB Proteomics data
Normalized Counts for the MayoRNAseq temporal cortex data (syn3163039)
Being notified to have the access to data, but could not access the data
Has anyone had any success doing linear regression on the MSBB microarray data?
Correcting for 'site' in the MSBB data
MSBB Proteomics data - protein quantification column?
Gene expression data issue in syn4009567 (ROSMAP_arrayExpression.tsv)
ROSMAP p180 brain metabolomics alert
MSBB RNA-seq data - number of samples available
Barcode for Single-nucleus RNA-sequencing of human brain tissue
February 2019 - Data from paper
Seek help for obtaining microglia RNA data from study (ID: syn11468526)
ROSMAP RSEM alternative count tables
Help us improve AMP-AD
Question if update to the research proposal is needed
MSBB unmapped fastq files (syn7416949) have way lower number of reads than reported in meta file
Question about resequenced data in MSBB
Data from paper - a genetically diverse mouse model of aging and AD
Candidate gene look up for publication
Question about gene length used in CQN normaliztion
Mayo RNAseq covariates(=syn5223705)
Public access temorarily removed from the MSBB_ArrayTissuePanel data
November 2018 Data Release
Reg RNA-Seq from JAX_APPPS1 Synapse id: syn9850001, modified mouse reference?
RNA integrity numbers for the ROSMAP samples
Ages over 90
Number of control and Alzheimer's patients in gene expression samples?
genome build for syn3157325
Batch number of syn4212861 (RNASeq, ROSMAP)
MSBB RNAseq (syn3157743)
ROSMAP RNAseq 150_120419
missing meta data for 549 samples in syn3221153
Brodmann area for some samples are missing in syn6100548
Download all the MD5 values for any Synapse ID
Single-cell microglia data from Olah et al. paper
Brodmann area clarification in MSBB RNA-Seq covariates file
additional RNAseq data for the MSBB cohort syn8612191
ROSMAP AD phenotype information
AD Imaging data from the AddNeuroMed study
Raw Counts in RNASeq data
HELP -> RNAseq umapped fq files ...
ROSMAP clinical data
Genotypes for ROSMAP study participants
Where to find the gene ID for normalized expressions in syn7391833?
Announcing the Agora platform
Missing IDAT data for ROSMAP methylation sample
Chip-Seq Raw Data
ROS.MAP Methylation array data
consulting ROSMAP imputed genotype data
Transform the imputed genotype data to plink format (syn3157329)
How to download all methylation Idat files?
The LOAD virome - Data from paper describing Herpes' virus effect on Alzheimer's
Smoking info on the study participants?
Question about ROSMAP data
HTBRC Ages in Covariate File
Help downloading ROSMAP data.
DX group from ROSMAP Clinical data file
Matching IDs between ROSMAP RNA-Seq and Genotype files?
Pathological aged samples
Join us for the launch of the AMP-AD Wall of Targets
ChIP-seq controls for ROSMAP
DE gene analysis on ROSMAP RNA-Seq data
Use of syn9637145
CNV in WGS dataset
covariates and clinic data of MAYO ROSMAP and MSBB
April 2018 - Data Update
MSBB micro array data access
May 2018 - Data Release
Meta data for syn7391833 (NormalizedExpression)
Brodmann areas for MSBB proteomics data
April - 2018 Data Release
Two questions about RNAseq datasets
pri-miRNA/pre-miRNA calling from RNAseq data of AMP-AD
syn2580853: ROSMAP FASTQ files
Curious about ROS-MAP data!
Mayo RNA-Seq clinical variables
Access to the idat and bmp files (illumina GenomeStudio input files)
Question about The Mayo RNAseq
ROS and MAP?
syn8540863 - STAR junction files for reanalysed ROSMAP RNA-seq data
AMP-AD Knowledge Portal Updates
Questions about Proteomics and TRAITS files.
consulting ROSMAP genotype data? which one I should selected?
Jointed genotype files
MSBB array neuropath variables
Some WGS_id match two projid
Discussion Forum is public - please do not post controlled access data in discussion threads
consulting ROSMAP eQTL analysis phenotype data ------- expression data
syn4164376 - batch effects?
Clarity on HBTRC Agilent 44K Expression Data syn7499737 (AMP-AD_HBTRC_MSSM_Agilent44Karray_PFC_AgeCorrected_all.tsv)
syn11468526 ROSMAP Microglia-RNASeq
The SUNYStrokeModel study is off line for a data update
Mayo RNA sequencing study-path aging syn5550404
Phenotype files for JointStudyAnalysis of MSBB
Batch effect correction in MayoRNAseq study and HBTRC (syn5550404 and syn3159435)
ROSMAP_IDkey.csv contains duplicate column names
syn11539387 (Protein validation of Abi3 and PLCG2 in the app model)
.fam missing for "ROSMAP imputed dosage chop_Illumina" (imputed genotypes in folder syn2426141)
syn4164376 - Possible to get Md5 sums?
MSBB data neuropathology
Accessing data within the syn2580853
ROSMAP RNA-seq expression data
syn4164376 - Are these aligned to the transcriptome?
Any neuropath data from MayoRNASeq study?
Relationship between HBTRC (syn3159435) data on synapse vs GEO
Pairing re-processed RNA-seq ROSMAP Covariates with the ROSMAP full-study gene count matrix
MSBB: matching sample IDs to individual IDs
Question about clinical data for Mount Sinai mRNA seq count data
MSBB_clinical data
RNAseq covariates/technical batches of ROSMAP
ROS/MAP age?
syn5478323 is it possible to get the fastq files for the samples
Is dataset syn3157743 and syn5550404 strand specific or not?
Is it possible to obtain fastq files for syn4164376?
MSSB WES genotyping - array genotyping as well?
syn8612203: stranded or unstranded RNAseq library prep protocol
Acknowledgement for using the AMP-AD data - solved
Counts matrix for doi:10.7303/syn3388564
File linking subject ID with IDAT file name
Library Information
syn3159435 HBTRC data
Tissue source for gene expression and RNA seq
downloading of the whole folder
Clarification regarding file download
sample sheet for IDAT files (ROSMAP)
MayoRNASeq Genotypes data (syn8650955) have .zip files that require password
Additional pathology data for syn5550404 (Mayo Brain Bank RNAseq data)
ROSMAP raw data
Missing projid for 39 samples in ROSMAP RNASeq technical metadata syn4300313
Interpretation and difference of DyByPath and NP1 in MSBB proteomics phenotype file (syn6100412)
syn8468023.10 question regarding the differential expression analysis
Sharing downstream analysis results
Problem with batch download due to connection reset (Folder ID = syn5958425)
Are RAN-seq reads uniquely mapped onto reference in ROSMAP RNA-seq( syn3388564 )?
sample information for dataset syn5049298 and dataset syn3163039
ROSMAP RNAseq BAM files (Folder ID = syn4164376)
Mt. Sinai Brain PMI's (from clinical metadata syn6101474)
Problem downloading large files
# of reads used/Is this data stranded or unstranded
GWAS data source
Questions regarding statistical analysis of DiffExp in Cerebellum
Access to MSBB APOE information (syn4566005)
A question for the correct batch number of a BAM file.
units of PMI in Mayo covariates
Question about new MSBB meta data
Use of commercial cloud providers (DNANexus, SevenBridges) for analysis
Help importing data using bash
Public access removed from the MSBB study
Information on familial AD cases in dataset?
Question about MSBB
ROSMAP: Cannot find genetic data of samples whose gwas_id starting with "11AD"
syn3157325: ROSMAP genotyping data QC problem and samples missing problem.
Batch effects in ROSMAP data
Mayo RNA Seq Study (syn5550404)
ROSMAP Genotype: SNPs number variance on X Chromosome
inquiring on how to properly cite MSBB, MSSM and ROS/MAP cohorts
Data Embargo
Combining data with other studies
ROSMAP and Mayo LOAD Risk Case Control Study research proposal
Clarification regarding Batch download of files
Covariates in the MCADGS data
How can I delete my thread?
Clinical info for batch7 and 8

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