EHR DREAM Challenge - Patient Mortality Prediction


Created By Thomas Schaffter tschaffter

projectDescription: Participants predicted the mortality status of patients within 180 days of their last visit. Submissions were Docker containers with instructions for training and inferring on the EHR data.
projectDisplayName: EHR DREAM Challenge
projectImageFileName: DREAM%5FBanner%5Fv2%2D01%2Ejpg
New Synthetic Data and the Concept lists
End of Round 2 Update
Technical limitations and scoring metric
Round 1 Leaderboard
Webinar #2: Slides, video and Q&A
Any updates about the final leaderboard?
No submission on UW final
Timeout in Main Challenge
Write up Submission Deadline
Submission Deadline Confusion
Write-up submission button not present
Write-up format/requirements
No notification for validation of models in Validation phase
Unable to submit write-up for final submission
Leaderboard Round 3 Extension results
Validated Main Challenge submission not passed to UW servers
Question on Validation Phase
SLOW Main Challenge / Fast Lane AND UW servers
Useful columns in validation phase
our submission disappeared.
SLOW Main Challenge server again
submission status
Main Challenge and Fast Lane servers SLOW
Should I do the Writeup Submission after Docker Submission finished?
Error Log
Quota exceeded with only one scored submission in the extended 3 phase
NCATS server is down
Submission issues
Data leakage?
phase 3 extension questions
question about uw server
very slow problem likewise phase 2
UW server slowly now
Submission VALIDATED in main challenge is not submitted to UW
UW Submission problem
UW Submission queueing?
question about resource assignment
submission dashboard error
fastlane INVALID occure
submission docker image
Very slow processing (again)
Submission blocked
Hi, I think the server of fast lane is out...
Validation phase Question
UW result not found
validation metrics mismatch
killed job
can I join the party?
submission cancel issue
question on data
submission deadline time
Unable to push docker image - Access to resource is denied
UW logs
some questions
submission out of space?
Workflow failed due to concept list
New fast lane data
Utility of useful columns csv
Webinar 2
UW Dataset and submission deadline for the rounds
UW results and status
workflow failed
UW results
"Index: -1, Size: 24" in Submission Dashboard
uw kogs
Workflow Failure on fast lane
model evaluation result
Handling right censorship
Model submission
useful columns in the larger data set
Submission failing
Discrepancies with OHDSI/CommonDataModel
Submissions timing out
UW submissions from "Main Challenge"
Concept Counts on UW data
Regarding accuracy of OMOP concept mapping in the data
Dates in procedure occurence set are different?
Can we assumme 6 months = 180 days?
New Synthetic Data Available
Precisions on submission channels and available compute
Logging for training and test metrics
synpuf dataset questions
death on day 0 of your inpatient stay
Challenge publication planned?
Workflow repeatedly fails when submitted but runs fine locally
"EHR DREAM Challenge Submission" channel failed
Unable to download synthetic data
Synpuf evaluation dataset - death table missing?
Leaderboard Phase has started
Is open phase over?
submission error
Submission still failing to run
Access to Slack channel -
Docker submission in open phase
No measurement value in measurement table in Synpuf data
any one succeeded submitting a docker image?
Compute limitations and pre-training
Guidelines for submission
award? where is it described?
Team Creation Thread
Webinar video
Is this challenge open to public and still going to start in summer?

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