Hi, Just to make sure whether the model will be automatically pulled to run the UW test after finishing the Main Challenge? One of my models was marked as "validated" two hours ago but no update has been found under the UW results. Many thanks,

Created by Jifan Gao ggggfan
Hi @trberg Thanks for your reply. I received your email but it seems that I also have the "Index: -1, Size: 24" issue and I am not authorized to access the log, same as [this previous thread](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn18405991/discussion/threadId=6222&replyId=20112). Also, there is nothing under the UW score on my dashboard on the staging site. Many thanks for your work!
Hi @ggggfan, Yes the model will be automatically pulled in. There are a number of people running models right now and we are limited in the number we can run at once. I see your submitted model in the queue. It will be pulled in and ran when a slot opens. Thanks! Tim

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