Instead of seeing the submission details on the challenge, I just see a red block with an triangular alert sign, and the message "Index: -1, Size: 24" next to it. Any thoughts on what might be happening?

Created by Anand Avati avati
As a follow-up, if you used the staging site to test the dashboard, keep in mind not to do any work on the staging site as it gets reset every week and will remove all data you upload, just an FYI. Thanks, Tim
If you are getting the "Index: -1, Size: 22" error for your UW dashboard, could you check your dashboard on the Synapse staging site? Let us know if you are still seeing that error on your dashboard there. Thank you! Tim
Hi! I have the very similar issue "Index: -1, Size: 22". Is that also problem with permissions? Could You please check also my issue? Thanks, Zofia (Zincc)
Hi @avati, I think I've corrected the permission issue (you still won't be able to access your current logs). The next log files generated by UW should be available for download. The "Index: -1, Size: 24" issue has been reported to the Synapse developers. Thanks, Tim
To add more detail, the submission has run successfully (status: VERIFIED) on the "Main Challenge", but shows "Index: -1, Size: 24" on "UW". I also got an email saying "Your docker submission (trialv006) will have logs that can be found here:!Synapse:syn21074497", but by clicking that link, I get "You are not authorized to access the page requested."

"Index: -1, Size: 24" in Submission Dashboard page is loading…