I need the {"submissionid": 9694918} logs to help me debug the model, could you provide it to me with email Many thanks , QiaoHezhe

Created by Qiao Hezhe QiaoHezhe
That's correct, when you have a successful model it seems to fix the bug that has been causing the "Index: -1, Size:24" error. We are hoping to get that fixed soon though.
When the model first runs successfully on uw , it will be displayed in the uw submission dashboard? Now I see the uw submission dashboard still shows "Index: -1, Size: 24"
Oh, I see, yeah, that log is not the same as the docker model outputs (training_logs, inference_logs). I just looked at it and it doesn't have useful error messages since your model was stopped and didn't actually throw an error that broke the script. I'll send you more info about what stage your model reaches after 10 hours. Thanks, Tim
I received an email and when I opened the URL inside , it prompts me that ?You are not authorized to access the page requested?.
Hi @QiaoHezhe, Unfortunately, the logs were not saved (when the model was stopped, it did not gather the docker logs). I have reset your submission status to re-run 9694919. I will gather the logs at around the 10 hour mark and send them to you. Thanks, Tim

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