Hello Everyone, I was following the tutorial wiki (https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn18405991/wiki/595495) to create and push my docker image. Though most of the steps were successful, I couldn't push it to the synapse. I get the error message as shown below **"Request access to the resource is denied"** My login was successful. Can you help? We are trying to submit our initial model and see how it goes. I did try adding tags, logging out and logging back in. But still the issue persists

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I'm having the same problem (requested access to the resource is denied when attempting to push). I'm a certified synapse user. The previous poster seemed to solve this problem by using the project ID instead of the Synapse ID, but I can only see the Synapse ID. If there's a separate project ID, where could I find it? Edit: OK nevermind, just realized I need to create a private project :)
No problem. If you are referring to the submission dashboard, it will be available for the whole challenge so you can track your models. Once the main challenge starts, there will be another queue you can submit to. Currently your model is only running against synthetic data.
Thanks @thomas.yu . It works now. I see the status as "Done" and "Validated" . I guess that is about it. Leaderboard will be viewable only for challenge phase? Request you to let us know if we have to take care of anything to make sure for our submission/challenge
Dear @ssmk , Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It should be resolved now. Cheers, Tom
Hello @thomas.yu , Thanks for the response. I see Actually now I tried using the option " Submit Docker repository to Challenge" under "Docker Repository tools" (present in Docker tab) but this time I don't see any log notification in my mailbox. It's been more than 15 mins Earlier it was quite fast. I assume only way to verify that submission is done is the generated mail notification Or Am I making any other mistake?
Dear @ssmk, There should be a link to more complete logs. In that file you should find an error that says that you submitted a Synapse Project instead of a Docker Repository. Please submit your Docker repository that you pushed onto your Project and not the Project itself. Best, Tom
Hi @Thomas.yu, Thanks for the response. It was my mistake that I was using "Synpase ID" instead of the "Project ID". However, I encountered the below issue `-packages/toil/leader.py", line 246, in run STDERR: 2019-10-07T21:32:21.590560085Z raise FailedJobsException(self.config.jobStore, self.toilState.totalFailedJobs, self.jobStore) STDERR: 2019-10-07T21:32:21.590596615Z toil.leader.FailedJobsException ` Can you help me figure out this?
Dear @ssmk , Apologies for the difficulties. There could be a couple reasons: 1. Are you a certified Synapse user? To upload content into Synapse, you have to take a [certification quiz](https://www.synapse.org/#!Quiz:). 2. If you are certified, did you create your won private project? Best, Tom

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