Once my team submit a main challenge submission, is any other main challenge submission submitted able to disturb prior one in uw server? Please reply this thread, organizers!

Created by TH900
Hi @trberg I also found this issue. I tried to use my last 3rd round submission chance today but it failed to pass the fast lane test due to EXCEEDED TIME QUOTA (submission 9697475). However, when I submitted a previous docker model that has been scored through the UW data, the EXCEEDED TIME QUOTA also took place. (Submission 9697253 and 9697476 use exactly the same docker model, but 9697253 is scored and 9697476 exceeded time quota) Update: I submitted the model again and it finally passed the Fast Lane. The latest UW submission (9697494) was updated 4 hours ago but its work status remains blank. Any clues? thanks, Jifan
Thank you for your reply. We have difficulty to validate our submission maybe because of other submissions. Once we submit the same code that completely validate on fast lane, the code isn't validated because of time quota and only the first search step is recorded in the training log. It means fast lane and validation for main challenge are significantly affected by the condition of the server, other submissions (other teams' stuff possible), etc. Besides, we cannot be convicted the main challenge server are stable too. The worse problem we have is here. We submitted the second main challenge submission (a) and it occured error on uw server, so we submitted other submission (b) and we were able to submit the last one (c). However, without any notice, the second one (a) that already be in error was completed suddenly. By mail, you said that submission (a) was stopped by internal error of uw server and you retry it (a). Therefore, we have no chance now. Once you just notice to us, it is never happened. The submission (b) is our last one and the real last one (c) is evaporated. Whatever, we have many trouble because of unstable server condition and compulsory solution for our error that we don't know. The challenge should give us one moe chance if you understand or cannot understand this issue.
Hi @Junseok, To clarify, are you asking whether other submissions being run at the same time on the uw server could interfere with your submission? It's possible, we take steps to try and isolate each submission as much as possible. We also limit the number of submissions that can run at once on our servers, but we can't completely separate them out, so there is a possibility that other submissions may interfere with your model's runtime or CPU usage. Are you having a specific issue with your submission?

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