We wanted to know if submissions on the day of the end of a round (European Time) are counting and until when they are counting for the next round? For example this Saturday the 09.11 we submit a model and wanted to know until when it has to be submitted / finalized so that it still count for an attempt of Round 1 Further we would like to know if we can get standard information about the UW Dataset: 1. Are the data in the UW Medicine balanced? Same amount of dead and living patients? 2. Are ID's for example temperature taken from Athena included in the Measurement table for the UW Dataset? We did not find them in the Synpuf Dataset! Thank you in advance.

Created by Stefan Simm Stegobully
Hi @Stegobully, So submissions that submitted by the end of the round (they don't have to be finished) will count toward that round. Round 1 ended on November 9, at 5 pm. (I said midnight in the webinar, that was wrong.) Round 2 will end on December 9, at 5:00 pm. 1. The UW Medicine data is not balanced. The training dataset is about 1% true positives. We debated how to handle this issue and decided to let participants handle it as they see fit. 2. You can check out the [available concepts](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn21116682) file for a list of concept_ids that appear in more than 100 patients, but yes, temperature (concept id 45771331) is included in the UW data. Thanks for the questions! Tim

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