@trberg I was going to submit the write-up for the challenge but it seems that the button for write-up submission has disappeared which are there yesterday. Requesting your help in the same as soon as possible as the deadline is just a few hours away. Thank you! Shikhar

Created by Shikhar Omar shikhar-omar
Hi @ggggfan, Are you not seeing this view when you try and submit? ${imageLink?synapseId=syn21614535&align=None&scale=100&responsive=true&altText=Write up submission} Thanks, Tim
Hi @trberg , I can't find the Write-Up submission option after clicking the submit button in [this page](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn18405991/wiki/595497). Please help, thanks! Jifan

Write-up submission button not present page is loading…