My final model (id 9699477) has 'validated' status on Main Challenge but it didn't show up in UW final. Model before this one (id 9699392) has 'validated' status on Main Challenge in 'Prediction File Status' section but 'ERROR' in workflow status. Maybe something happned due to two validated models? Could you please help me with this issue?

Created by Zofia Nawalany Zincc
When is the final validation planned to take place, and when will the score be available?
Hi @trberg Our submission (9699805) was validated on 02/21 at 4:18 pm, but hasn't queued yet to UW final validation. Could you please check our submission? Thanks, Samir
Hi @ggggfan, That submission queued up and ready to go! Thanks, Tim
Hi @trberg , Could you please help to check if submission 9699227 is queued for the validation phase? Thanks, Jifan
Hello @trberg, We 'll keep our first submission (Id 9699266). Thanks
Apologies all, I have confirmed that all these submissions have been received and are queued for the validation phase. @maria_p, you can submit your preferred model between the two. Let me know which one you want to keep, and I'll invalidate the other one. Thanks, Tim
Hi @trberg I am concerned about the submission 9698624. Can you help me check it? I submitted it to the Main Challenge and received an email that model is valid a long time ago. Thanks Qiao Hezhe
I have the same issue. I submitted 9698606 on 2/7 and it was never posted on the UW Final list, even though it passed the Main Challenge lane.
Hi @trberg , I am concerned abou the submission 9699266. However, after receiving the failed workflow notification, we submittedour previous model (with submission id 9699495) and it got accepted in the main challenge. Both are Valid, but only the second has a completed workflow..... So we are wondering what happened, and which writeup should we submit... Thank you so much!
Hi @Zincc, I just checked and we have your submission 9699477 queued and ready to go for the validation phase. Hi @maria_p, Which submission are you concerned about? I can check it for you. Thanks, Tim
Our team has the same problem too...

No submission on UW final page is loading…