Hello, Our Submission (ID 9697445) is VALIDATED in Main Challenge at CET 3:49 PM (ONE HOUR BEFORE) but it is still not submitted to UW challenge. ${badge?isUser=false&id=3381295}

Created by Soumyabrata Ghosh soumyabrata.ghosh
hi, @trberg Have you seen my question? We are the third submission and the time quota rises slightly beyond the submission deadline. If our submission causes a time quota on the UW server due to a server problem, do you run the our model again?
Hi @Kadri, So at the moment, due to the influx of submissions, your models have been received and are queued up. They will run when a spot opens on our server. Thanks, Tim
I have the same problem with submissions 9697488 and 9697491. Thank you, Kadri
Apologies, all VALIDATED submissions should be running now. Thank you for your patience, Tim
me too, our submission ID 9697448 is validated but not submitted to UW challenge . @trberg can you check it? sanghoon

Submission VALIDATED in main challenge is not submitted to UW page is loading…