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Thanks @tschaffter !
@ggggfan @RenataRetkute @omueller The final results are now available on the [Leaderboard page](!Synapse:syn18405991/wiki/595487). Thank you all for your patience!
Hi, @RenataRetkute thanks for the info! @tschaffter, unfortunately we haven't got any email announcement about the results yet, nor is there any update on the leaderboard.. do you already have some schedule when the competition participants are informed? Thanks omueller
Hi @RenataRetkute @tschaffter , I saw that post but didn't find the final results on wiki either. Jifan
Hi, this states that the final results are now available (congratulations to the top performing teams UW-biostat, Ivan Brugere and ProActa!), but i don't see the final leaderboard on wiki page: [dream-challenges-newsletter-875281]( Renata
Hi all, A submission with the status DONE means that the validation has been successfully validated on the synthetic dateset. At the best of my knowledge, all submissions that are marked as DONE have later been successfully evaluated on the final EHR dataset of UW. We are going to announce the results in the next few days. Thanks! Thomas
Hi @ggggfan @tschaffter Mine final submission also says 'DONE' and today I received a mail regarding making my write-up publicly available. Does this mean my submission is valid? Thanks, Shikhar
Same here- stutus "DONE" on 04/03/2020, but no email notification- submission id 9698519.
Anyone else having submission "Done" but getting no email notification?
Hi @tschaffter, I didn't receive an email notification but on the submission dashboard it is displayed as "Done" (submission id 9699227). Does it mean that it is valid? Thanks for your reply, Jifan
Hi @ggggfan, We have finished scoring the last submission on Friday and are know putting together the final leaderboard table. An email will be sent in the next 2-3 days to participants. If you have made a valid submission to the challenge, you should receive an email earlier. Thanks for your patience! Thomas

Any updates about the final leaderboard? page is loading…