Hello @EHRDREAMParticipantTeam, We are approaching the end of Round 2 and wanted to update everyone on some developments. - We are still going to end Round 2 as previously planned (today at 5p PST) despite the server and runtime issues. - We will process all the submissions received before the end Round 2 and they will be counted toward Round 2. If your submission gets the "exceeded runtime" error on the validation server, we will work with your team to get your model running and finished while still counting it as a submission in Round 2. - Submissions to Round 3 will start being accepted on November 11 at 5pm PST as we are going to take a couple of days to update the infrastructure and finish running Round 2 submissions. - Round 3 will likely be extended by 1-2 weeks to compensate for the current IT infrastructure issues and end-of-year holidays (with +1-2 extra submissions / team, to be confirmed in an upcoming email communication). We believe we have identified the issues plaguing the servers, so hopefully Round 3 won't see as many of these runtime errors. Thank you for your patience and understanding, EHR DREAM admin team

Created by Timothy Bergquist trberg
Hi @test0130, Yes, we just completed the final round of the Leaderboard phase and are starting the Validation stage soon. However, we are planning on having more EHR DREAM challenges, so stay tuned! Thanks, Tim
Same question as above, @trberg. I'm assuming the challenge has ended?
@trberg I am new to this challenge. Is it possible to participate to the extended round if I have not submitted an entry so far?
Hi @trberg , Is _trberg@synapse.org_ the correct email to find you?
@ggggfan, Yes, if you have a model that was getting that error, go ahead and email me the submission id. We will re-run it in the next couple of days. @SanghoonLee, Did you guys submit a model that kept timing out? You can email me which submission id would you like re-run. Thanks, Tim
Hi @trberg , My team has many submissions with the "exceeded runtime" error. Do we need to tell you which submission id we want to re-run? Best, Jifan
@trberg we can't submit the model since model have EXCEEDED TIME QUOTA error, and can't fixed it in your system.. but i see now your announcement about lound 2 (( We will process all the submissions received before the end Round 2 and they will be counted toward Round 2. and, our team could not confirm the round2 deadline change you noted in the comment. We knew the word midnight would end at midnight like the last round. We kept on solving the time quota problem, but i checked the submission server was closed Can we submit a model now ?

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