Hi @trberg As mentioned in the instructions, I have submitted a model for the Validation phase in the **EHR DREAM Challenge Submission** submission queue with the submission ID: **9699134**. It's almost over 12 hours since I submitted but I have not gotten any notification regarding the validation of the model in the Synpuf data. I am trying to submit a new model and it is saying that our team has reached the quota. Can you please help us with that? Thank you! Shikhar

Created by Shikhar Omar shikhar-omar
Hi @ggggfan, to submit a write-up you actually need to submit the whole project - together with a dockerfile and your sourcecode. Remember to grant Admin permissions to download in project sharing settings. You can submit the project with the button --hidden-- placed on the challange wiki page here: Wiki / How to Participate / Final Submission / Write-Up Submission / 5. Submit the writeup
@Zincc I received the link of logs after 12 hours and was notified that the model is validated in the Synpuf data after 30 hours. But I have no clue whether the model is good on the final validation data. @Zincc did you submit the write-up? I cannot find the submission option of the write-up following their instruction.
I have the same problem. Has anybody solve this issue?
I am encountering this issue too. I also submit to the Fast Lane but receive no notifications or hints for Fast Lane logs.

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