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Need Synapse specific help?
chromosome position
GWAS summary data genome build version and dbsnp version
Applying mendelian randomization analysis using the UKB GWAS we get contradictory results when we used GWAS from the deCODE
How to convert CHR:POS to rs ID "rs######"
File naming system
Maintaining the GWAS summary data so that the community can reuse it
Problem solved
Where is the CRP protein? And which ABO protein is measured?
UKB-PPP and AWS Open Data
How were the SNP RSID maps files generated? Sometimes it does not seem to match Ensembl-VEP result or dbSNP.
Download not allowed
Blocking Age?
Sample size
pQTL effect is scale or not and why some pQTLs have multiple allele frequency
date downloaded again after the limit has been lifted
synapse get -r, Unknown option -r
Synapse command tool in China Region is too slow
Same protein with multiple panels
minor minor error in olink_protein_map_3k_v1.tsv file
Data permission timeline
WARNING: You have READ permission on this file entity but not DOWNLOAD permission?
Invalid URL '/repo/v1/userProfile': No scheme supplied
Permission to download the data has not been approved after 2 weeks
Query to download specific files
Verify the integrity of files
reference genome
Missing dataset for Glioma pathogenesis-related protein 1
Effect Allele
Resume download
log10p values

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