Hello, We want to verify the integrity of files? Could you kindly provide a list of MD5 checksum for all files in each population? Thank you very much for your assistance.

Created by XIAO FENG fengx25
Hi all, I created an Entity View for you here: https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn53038826/tables/. There is column with the md5s in it for every file in this project. You can query this table for files in different folders. See this for more information: https://help.synapse.org/docs/Querying-Tables,-Views,-and-Datasets.2667642897.html.
Hi, Thanks a lot for your help.
Hi, I could not find a solution to retrieve MD5 checksums in bulk directly. However, using the Synapse R client (synapser, see here: https://r-docs.synapse.org/articles/synapser.html), you can create the list using this code: ``` #### GET MD5s ---- library(synapser) library(dplyr) synLogin(email = "xxx@yyy.zzz", password = "YourPW") # Will give you a warning, as Synapse will be switching to use Synapse Personal Access Tokens to login # AFR population as example folderContent <- synGetChildren("syn51365304") folderContent <- as.list(folderContent) folderContent <- lapply(folderContent, function(x){ file <- synGet(x$id, downloadFile = FALSE, downloadLocation = getwd()) data.frame(ID=x$id, filename=x$name, MD5=file$get("_file_handle")$contentMd5) }) %>% bind_rows() ``` This will give you an output like this: ``` > head(folderContent) ID filename MD5 1 syn52320545 A1BG_P04217_OID30771_v1_Inflammation_II.tar 74223c794c427802dff7b77ec7700569 2 syn52314855 AAMDC_Q9H7C9_OID30236_v1_Cardiometabolic_II.tar 1a8feffa76349a292b920b6a3e62a3cb 3 syn51499879 AARSD1_Q9BTE6_OID21311_v1_Oncology.tar f59857f0dc21a3164126c5c1765bd9e4 4 syn52310099 ABCA2_Q9BZC7_OID30146_v1_Cardiometabolic_II.tar 1d58f6366fa4cb5f47f0fa680769b1f7 5 syn51499342 ABHD14B_Q96IU4_OID20921_v1_Neurology.tar caa3ed927098ee58b3ca61aba1ba57c6 6 syn51497755 ABL1_P00519_OID21280_v1_Oncology.tar f295705d18fca29bfef042d0c9fd0152 ``` Hope this serves as an OK workaround.
[Not an answer] Hi UKB-PPP team, I would also like to verify the integrity of files, and as an idea I believe it could be incredibly useful to include the MD5 checksum's as part of the output from using the `list` argument when paired with `--long` and/or `--modified` flags, if possible. Thank you in advance and thank you for the wonderful resource!

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