Hello, I hope you are doing well. I am having an issue regarding the p-values in the dataset, which are labeled as log10p. The numeric values seem to range from 0 to 300, which seems unusual- I have tried to exponentiate the log10p values to retrieve the original p-values, but the resulting values do not fall between 0 and 1. Could you please provide insight into the formula or method used to transform the p-values to the form they are given in in the dataset? Also, I am wondering if there is documentation somewhere that explains the data structure. I could not find this information in the preprint though I may have just missed it. Thank you for your help!

Created by Vivian Zhao vcz20
Hi, The association statistics are provided as -log~10~(p-value). To transform back, and assuming _x_ is the -log10p in question, you just need to calculate the p-value as 10^-x^. Hope this helps.

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