Hello! I used 'synapser' and 'synapserutils' to download the pGWAS data set (syn51365303). Unfortunately, the download process was interrupted, and I am missing data from 'PON2_Q15165_OID20088_v1_Cardiometabolic.tar' onwards. Is there a way to resume the download from this point? Thanks! Best, Ina

Created by Ina Brorson ins
Hi, again, I figured it out, thank you! Turned out I could just resume the download with syncFromSynapse. THanks!!
Hi, thank you for replying! I'm not sure if I understand the 'synGetChildren' function. I've tried it with lists of the remaining synIDs that I want to download, however, it doesnt work. If you could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful. Best, ina
Hi Ina, You can limit the file download programmatically in synapser. Using _synGetChildren_ and then _as.list_ on the returned object, you can iterate over the full content of the project/folder and just download files that you are missing locally (e.g., by comparing filenames). Let me know if you need more information.

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