Hello, Would you be able to explain the file naming system used? eg. AARSD1_Q9BTE6_OID21311_v1_Oncology.tar Thank you.

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What is the difference between the file: 'olink_protein_map_1.5k_v1.tsv' vs. 'olink_protein_map_3k_v1.tsv'
We provide further annotations in the Metadata folder ( Metadata -> Protein annotations -> olink_protein_map_1.5k_v1.tsv; here: https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn51396732). The column olink_target_fullname provides the corresponding proteins. For the latest annotations, you can also use the ID mapping service of UniProt entering the UniProt IDs of interest (https://www.uniprot.org/id-mapping; Source database: UniProtKB AC/ID; Target database: UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot).
Thank you for your reply! I am also wondering if there is a spreadsheet or other list available with the UniPort IDs matched to their corresponding proteins, rather than searching for protein names one by one?
Hi, In this case, AARSD1 is the gene encoding the protein, Q9BTE6 is the UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot protein identifier, OID21311 is the Olink (assay) identifier, and Oncology is the disease and biological process focused panel in the assay (see https://olink.com/products-services/explore/ for more information). So the general (simplified) pattern is GeneSymbol_UniProtID_OlinkID_version_Biological/DiseaseProcess.tar.

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