Hi, there: I was instructed to download the pQTL summary statistics by issuing the following command: **synapse get -r syn51365303** Somehow the shell says **Unknown option -r**. Then I removed "-r", then it says: [FATAL 07:59:01.759120] file log.c: line 1128: unexpected error: Error spawning command line ?dbus-launch --autolaunch=ad38139a9a844cbd95ea187d5b92aceb --binary-syntax --close-stderr?: Child process exited with code 1 (g-spawn-exit-error-quark, 1) Can you please let me know what I have done wrong? Thanks! Jie

Created by jie huang jiehuang001
Hi @jiehuang001 , Apologies for the delays in response. These forums aren't monitored by us at Sage Bionetworks, but it seems like you have another command line tool that is also named `synapse`... Can you try: ``` synapse -h ``` For all other Synapse related issues, please feel free to file a request [here](https://sagebionetworks.jira.com/servicedesk/customer/portal/9)

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