Hi All, I was able to use command-line interface to download the sumstats a while ago -- I had to keep part of the results since the space ran out until this has been resolved. However when I ran the script again, there is error message from both user/passwd and token, e.g., synLogin(authToken=ukb_ppp_download_token) Error in value[[3L]](cond) : Invalid URL '/repo/v1/userProfile': No scheme supplied. Perhaps you meant https:///repo/v1/userProfile? Is there a way to fix them? I have used miniconda3/4.5.1 and then anaconda/3.2019-10, Anaconda3/2023.09-0 (associated with Python 3.11). Any indication is highly appreciated, Jing Hua Zhao

Created by Jing Hua Zhao jhz
@matthias.arnold Hi matthias, Thank you very much for your replay. Hopefully we can download this valuable data and explore more interesting scientific topic based on your previous work in future.
Sorry for the delay and inconvenience. We have been migrating the data to improve download availability. This process is completed and you should be able to download without restrictions very soon.
@matthias.arnold Hi matthias I have the some problem which the permission seems like be never approved by your teams. Anything I can do to promote the application?
Hi Again, It appears the UKB-PPP entry now requires permission -- I follow this with brief information but haven't heard feedback for several days. Do I miss anything? Nice weekend. Jing Hua
Hi All, This is just a note that the issue has been identified. Although I explicitly used -u -p and/or token for the download, Synapse still works with ~/.synapseConfig which contains incomplete endpoints. By removing/moving the file elsewhere, Synapse would work as anticipated. Best regards, Jing Hua

Invalid URL '/repo/v1/userProfile': No scheme supplied page is loading…