Hello. Thanks for sharing valuable resources. I found some sites which have positions way bigger than chromosome size (combined syn51365308) 22 50797585 22:51236013:A:AT:imp:v1 A AT 22 50798635 22:51237063:T:C:imp:v1 T C 22 50799284 22:51237712:G:A:imp:v1 G A 22 50801158 22:51239586:T:G:imp:v1 T G 22 89346516 22:18003540:C:T:imp:v1 C T 22 89346518 22:18003542:C:T:imp:v1 C T 22 89346546 22:18003570:G:A:imp:v1 G A 22 89346560 22:18003584:C:T:imp:v1 C T 22 154768813 22:18047608:C:T:imp:v1 C T 22 154768956 22:18047467:G:A:imp:v1 G A (chr22 has ~51Mb - can't have 89346516) I?m worried these sites were lifted over to build 38, but only the sites were updated, not the chromosome information. Could you confirm that these sites are not from the liftover error?

Created by Chul Joo Kang cjkang
Please refer to the files in the SNP RSID maps subfolder in the main Metadata folder for annotating SNPs by ID. These files contain the chromosomal positions and rsIDs from the time of data generation.
It seems that the authors stopped maintaining these. A lot of missing information is needed in order to use these summary data by the community
22:18003540 should be lifted over to chr4:89346516 (not 22 89346516) 22:18047467 -> chrX:154768956

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