Hi Synapse Team, Firstly thank you for your continued support regarding this data! It has come to my attention that the full set of European (Discovery) datasets (syn51365303) seems to be missing one specific dataset. The total number of items is 2,940, however in the metadata file: `olink_protein_map_3k_v1`, there are 2,941 datasets. The missing protein dataset is `GLIPR1:P48060:OID31517:v1` (target full name = Glioma pathogenesis-related protein 1) I apologise if there is a good reason for this that I am not aware of. I can confirm that it is not in the list of datasets that are output using the `list` argument. Thank you in advance!

Created by James Sullivan js.biotx
Hi, This protein was removed for quality reasons (see publication in Nature): _"One protein (GLIPR1) had >80% of data failing quality control (99.4% failing quality control; Supplementary Table 3) and was excluded from analyses."_ Best, Matthias

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