Which version of GRCH37 (buld 144) or GRCH38 (build 144 or 155) should be used to convert the CHR:POS in UKbiobank pQTL data to rs#### for further MR analysis. Is there detail introduction about this information? I really appreciate anyone's reply.

Created by Yu-Tien Chang greengarden
If you go to the Metadata folder, you will find a subfolder with SNP RSID maps. These you can use to directly convert to rs identifiers (where available in dbSNP at the time of annotation).
It seems that the authors stop answering here...
it seems the column _genpos_ is based on 38, and the context in column _id_is based on 37. For example, the id 14:19000134:C:T:imp:v1, genpos 18223657, where 19000134 is the position based on 37 and 18223657 is the position based on 38.
Also need this information

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