FeTS 2022 Challenge


Created By Timothy Bergquist trberg

Status: Closed
Announcing: FeTS 2024 Challenge
Updates: Deadline extension for Task1, CMT Submission System for short papers, Submission of Codes and Weights (Task 1)
Deadline extension for task-2
Request Data Access
validation submission not working as usual?
validation data submission now?
The number of teams in FeTS2022
request to increase the daily quota for validation data to 10 submissions
request to enable deletion of multiple files at once
Further information regarding presentation at MICCAI satellite event
Short extension for task 2 dockers
Question regarding final submission for the testing phase
Invalid submission due to illegal file name format of segmentation files
task 2 general question
Simulated time always increasing
Difference between tags "model" and "aggregated"
Upload link for task 1
Can't access validation data
Steps for using GPU - processes running out of memory
Disabling local validation completely
Approximate amount of computer memory consumed to run the model
Has Task_1 setup been tested for mac OS?
Session got killed multiple times
Epochs_per_round not working?
Functions Evaluation on Test Dataset?
compression and decompression in ('aggregated',) tensor
RAM consumption
compression_pipeline.yaml location
Training with multiple GPUs
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'fets'
Error code
functions to be changed?
collaborator_times_per_round meaning in aggregator function
challenge_metrics_validation_interval missing
Change in settings
Validation data file name

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