Hi All, Understood that each team or each participant could upload two submissions per 24hrs, given this, I am wondering which one of the submissions will be taken as the final submission at the organizer side in the next Testing Phase? Do I need to make sure that only the one I want to submit as my final submission is kept and manually delete the others? In case I submit more than one set of segmentation files (i.e., multiple submissions), how will the organizer determine my final score and ranking during the Testing Phase? Thanks so much and looking forward to your clarifications.

Created by Yuan Wang frank_wang35
Hi @ujjwalbaid Thanks for your response. Just to seek further clarification, when you say you will use our submitted code to retrain the model, or reproduce the results, how will you implement this? will you run multiple times then take the take the best model or we will need freeze all the randomness in the code so that you will be able to exactly reproduce the same model we obtained? Looking forward to your answers.
Hi @frank_wang35, You need to submit FeTS_Challenge.py file. Submission of weights/model parameter file is optional. We will use your submitted code to retrain the model and then performance on the testing cohort will be evaluated. Please check the submission instructions here: https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn28546456/discussion/threadId=9362 We look forward to your contribution.
Many thanks for your kind response.
Up front the disclaimer that I'm not the lead organizer of task 1, but as far as I know, weights refers to the parameters of the trained neural network, not to the segmentation files. I think @ujjwalbaid will provide more clarifications once you have created a CMT entry and requested an upload link, so it's probably best to do this soon. Hope this helps!
@mzenk Hi Maximilian, Sorry, I forgot to mention we are working on Task 1. Thanks for your clarification above. So according to the thread you've pointed out, we just need to apply for a unique upload link to submit the **codes and weights** that represent our final results, right? If so, may I have your further clarification on what the **'weights' **means? is it the tarball containing segmentation files (i.g., the same as the ones I can submit in the validation dashboard)? Or it means something different? Please kindly advise, thank you so much.
Hi Frank, I'm not sure I understand which task you would like to submit to. For task 1, some instructions are given in [this thread](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn28546456/discussion/threadId=9362). For task 2, you have to submit a [method description/short paper](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn28546456/wiki/617256) and a [docker container](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn28546456/wiki/617255) (note that segmentation files are not enough). Regarding the question which submission will be taken as the final submission, I think this applies only to task 2. Here, we will use the latest submission with status ACCEPTED. You can check the status of your submission [here](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn28546456/wiki/617258). No need to delete other submissions. In case you want to "revert" to a previous submission, just submit the corresponding docker container version again. Does this answer your question?

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