is it possible to submit the validation results for evaluation now (after the completion of challenge)

Created by dskhanirfan
Hi Can you kindly allow submission to the validation results for evaluation? I shall be grateful BR
@vchung Can you kindly increase the daily quota to 10 submissions a day. (2 times is very restricting)
@dskhanirfan , Thank you for your patience! The queue has been re-opened. You may submit your segmentation files for evaluation to the **FeTS 2022 (Segmentation Files) (9615027)** queue up to 2 times a day. As a reminder, invalid submissions will not count towards the daily quota.
@vchung kindly let me know when can I expect the decision? (I must mention that queues stayed open for task-2 for evaluation) Regards
Dear @dskhanirfan , Apologies for the late response! The organizers are still discussing internally whether the queues will be re-opened for evaluation against the validation dataset.

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