Is this the correct file name format (FeTS2022_00082.nii.gz) for validation data?

Created by dskhanirfan
@dskhanirfan , Apologies for the confusion. When submitting your segmentation files for evaluation, we only expect the subject ID to be part of the filename (no need to keep "FeTS2022_"). More specifically, the ID must be placed right before the .nii.gz extension, i.e., the file could either be named `FeTS2022_00082.nii.gz` or `00082.nii.gz` or even `prediction_00082.nii.gz` and they will all be considered valid. Hope this helps!
I'm afraid there isn't, but we're happy to help if you have problems with a particular step described in the [validation set submission guide](!Synapse:syn28546456/wiki/617254)!
Is there any video tutorial available for the submission of validation data results?
Unfortunately, I'm also not sure what your question is. Maybe this description on how to submit predictions on the validation set helps? (see!Synapse:syn28546456/wiki/617254) _Filenames should be named using the case ID, given by the folder name containing the 4 modalities for each patient. In other words, for subjects that you were given files named ID_t1.nii.gz, ID_t2.nii.gz, etc., the individual segmentations should be named ID.nii.gz_ So if your question is how the predictions should be named, I think the format you suggested is correct.
Hi, Apologies, but I still do not understand the concern. The validation subjects follow the following naming convention: - SubjectID {SubjectID}_flair.nii.gz {SubjectID}_t1.nii.gz {SubjectID}_t1ce.nii.gz {SubjectID}_t2.nii.gz There is no need to remove FeTS2022_ from SubjectID.
Do I have to remove FeTS2022_ from the file names?
Hi @dskhanirfan, Can you please elaborate on the question?

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