Hi All, I am trying to submit inference results, the base package generates files of which the name is in the format like FeTS2022_01234_seg.nii.gz, but valid submission requires something like 01234.nii.gz or seg01234.nii.gz, I get stuck by renaming these files, does anyone have any idea how to rename them efficiently/recursively by some command or bash code? Thanks a lot!

Created by Yuan Wang frank_wang35
@frank_wang35 , Great! I'm glad it worked well for you :)
@vchung Hi, I did some searches here and there but none of them works, this line of code provided above works perfectly, many thanks!
@frank_wang35 , Is setting the filename something that can be set when using the base package or your script? Otherwise, once you are done generating all of your segmentations, you can rename the files in batch with something like this? ```sh for f in *.nii.gz; do mv $f ${f/_seg/}; done ``` where `mv $f ${f/_seg/}` will remove the "_seg" substring from the filenames. You can alternatively use [rename](https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man1/rename.1.html) but this command will need to be installed first.

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