Hi In the files section, can you kindly enable deletion of multiple files at once (like a checkbox to select the multiple files). I accidently uploaded the individual 219 validation segmentation files and it would be much easier to select the files and delete them all at once

Created by dskhanirfan
Hi @dskhanirfan, Thank you for the suggestion for the addition of multi file selection. Unfortunately, the challenge organizers don't have the ability to add features to the Synapse UI, but we can put this request on the radar of the platform developers. One thing you could do is use the [Synapse python client](https://python-docs.synapse.org/build/html/index.html) to programmatically remove the files using the `delete` function. There is also a function that will let you get the contents of a folder as well. So you could iterate through the contents and delete the files. Hope this helps! Tim

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