Dear organizer, As communicated in last two weeks, we have registered the satellite event on 18 Sept and sent you our information by 30 Aug, but yet to receive any further information regarding "the exact mode of presentation (oral/poster)" which was supposed to be conveyed by mid of last week. May I check that if our email was received at your side such that we are not excluded from the programme? You can find our team information below. Thanks so much, looking forward to your reply. Team name: FLSTAR Name of registered team member: Wang Yuan Email ID used to register for MICCAI2022: Title of the paper: Model Aggregation for Federated Learning Considering Non-IID and Imbalanced Data Distribution Attendance mode (Physical/virtual): Physical

Created by Yuan Wang frank_wang35
Hi, All the eligible teams are already contacted.
Hi Frank, apart from the email you referred to, no further notifications have been sent out yet, so no need to worry. We're sorry for the delay! As today is a holiday in the US, we will most likely contact you and all other participants tomorrow. Cheers, Max

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