Dear challenge participants, we've decided to extend the deadline for submitting dockers and short papers for **task 2** by two weeks, making July 15 (23:59 EDT) the new deadline. For an overview of all deadlines, please refer to [this page](!Synapse:syn28546456/wiki/617247). Happy coding! Cheers, FeTS challenge 2022 organizers

Created by Maximilian Zenk mzenk
I can't comment on the deadlines for task 1, unfortunately. If there is an extension, you will be notified. @LeslieWubbel please open a new thread for your other question (if it's not answered elsewhere), so that it doesn't get lost. As I'm not involved in the technical details of task 1, I can't answer it.
Deadline extension for Task 1? also wheres gandlf_paths.csv?
Hi, Thank you for this information. Do you think/know if there will be the same deadline extension for Task 1? More importantly, do you know if there won't be a deadline extension at all for Task 1? Thank you very much, All the best, Matthis.

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