Robust Medical Instrument Segmentation (ROBUST-MIS) Challenge 2019


Created By Annika Reinke AnnikaReinke

How to download data?
How to deal with this problem of the data downoad of robustmis2019, its runs as follows:
Evaluation code and repositories
How to reproduce rankings?
If dockers have problem after the deadline. What should we do?
Couldn't submit docker file.
Submission deadline
Problem of pushing docker image.
Label Consultation
How many inference models should we create?
Multiple Instance Segmentation evaluation
Evaluation metrics
Conference Registration
Multiple models
Evaluation Criteria for Multiple Instance Detection
Submission problem ,Pytorch Version
Participation and Presentation
Multiple Instance Segmentation evaluation
Labels of multiple instances
Full videos
Pretrained model
Is there more details about the dataset?
Looking for the teammate
Rules for accessing the data

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