Dear sir? Hello! Do participants who want to go to the competition site have to register for MICCAI2019? Thank you

Created by Zhenliang Ni ZhenliangNi
Dear kkirtac, we can't ensure a smooth internet connection. We could offer to show a video of the presentation. Kind regards, the ROBUST-MIS organizers
Without registering to the conference, would there also be a possibility of **online presentation** somehow , considering the distance and possible visa problems?
Dear users, there was an update from our side: If you are having trouble to attend MICCAI, it should not be a hurden. It was decided that** MICCAI registration will not be mandatory** to be part of the challenge, even if you like to win awards. If you wish to present your method as part of the leading methods, we request to register to the conference. Kind regards, the ROBUST-MIS organizers
Dear kkirtac, without registration, you won't be able to attend MICCAI and the challenge day. Kind regards, the ROBUST-MIS organizers
Hi, without MICCAI registration, would we still be eligible for presenting in the challenge, if we will be invited to present ?
Dear ZhenliangNi, every participant who wants to be eligible for awards should register to MICCAI 2019. Kind regards, the ROBUST-MIS organizers

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