Dear sir, Hello, we want to participate in the instruments segmentation task . But we didn't find the label in the dataset. The label of images in each package named "" can not be found. I hope you can give relevant tips. Thank you.

Created by Zhenliang Ni ZhenliangNi
Thank you, I just got confused by the previews of the images, but now I get it:)
Dear zapaishchykova, The images contain small numbers e.g. 0, 1, 2... . When you load them and you want to see the instruments, the following example could do that: ``` image=load_img(image_path) image=image*255/max(image) show_image(image) ``` Cheers
Hello, I have downloaded all the data and all of my reference annotations (instrument_instances.png) are just completely black images. Is there a specific function for reading that masks? Edit: Just got it, sorry for the interruption Many thanks.
Thank you, sir. I have understood.
Dear ZhenliangNi, For each training case, we provide a 10 second video snippet in form of 250 endoscopic image frames. The reference annotation (instrument_instances.png) is given for the last frame of the video. Please refer to the "data view" or the challenge design document provided here:!Synapse:syn18779624/wiki/591266 Kind regards, the ROBUST-MIS organizers
Do we need to manually annotate the labels.

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