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Data Access?
Definition of "top teams" and manuscript authorship
Myeloma Manuscript has been submitted to Blood.
Help downloading Training data set
Resubmitted Write Up
Publishing using challenge data
Presentation embargo
Is this Challenge still open?
Differences between internal and external validations?
Final results rank based on weighted_avg_bal
ASH slides
Understanding the final scores
sub3 write-up
write-up submission
Submission of write up
Is the description required to see your final score?
Submission not run
Challenge 3 Leaderboard
Multiple write-ups for SC1, SC2 and SC3?
Docker image and writeup in the same synapse project?
write-up submission question
Is Ch3 data overlapping
Data embargo
ch3 data only from DFCI and M2Gen?
What are the deadlines for Round 2 and 3 for ch 3?
CYTO Feature value
SC3 round 1 leaderboard reporting round 2 results?
Scores on Ch3 Validation round 1
Must predict all patients in the goldstandard
Final submission question
DFCI sample ID problem
How were DFCI patients selected?
Docker submission error
No mail of scoring or cancellation of submission even after 8 hours.
NO Submission Confirmation
Where is MM challenge Final Write-Up option?
Final round subset validation data
Final Submission Error
Submission Error
TO use PFS or OS?
Error when reading unfiltered vcf files for UAMS
Final submission time limit
Please help me to change the name of team
Scoring on the validation phase
RNASeq_transLevelExpFile in testdata set for sc3
VCF Info
Validation RNAseq data
ch1 express lane stopped working a few hours before deadline
Can't submit docker image at pst 23:58
Validation Error
Submission problem to express lane sub1
Script OK with sc1_SimmulatedValidation_ClinAnnotations.csv but failed in ExpressLane1
denied: requested access to the resource is denied
Clarification of rule about building multiple models
Submission to express lane 2 failed
Deadline for writeup
Submissions per round
Change in Validation file of Sub challenge 2.
final evaluation metrics
deadloops in submission, please kill
Exclusions and the HR flag
Docker size limit?
python 3.6 scikit and pyVCF installation using Docker
Submissions not processed
Conflicting submission
Common id RNA-sew files
No more submission for MM_Challenge_2 ?
Scoring metric error?
CYTOGENETIC missingness in validation
Leaderboard round 2
No scoring results from submission (Challenge 1)
Submissions for challenge 1 and 2 closed already?
Please provide more information on iAUC
Why can we not have access to validation data ?
caught segfault
Subchallenge 1 vcf files
Including Training Data in Submission (SC1)
Validation Error (no error message)
Submission Error
Submission to express lane2 failed
Failed Submission
Mistake on submission
About submission rules
URGENT Docker push fails with "unauthorized: authentication required"
Round2 last date
Hardware resources
Clinical data update?
Sub challenge 1 - training WES_mutationFileStrelkaIndel FILTERED VCF files without any data
NOT yet used main queues in round 2 BUT reached the submission quota?
cannot get log file
Rscript stopped working
What will be the returned scoring field in round 2?
Problem with study
Mutect Processing
Concern about allowing different models for different validation sets
Predictor's statistics?
questions about 'GSE19784HOVON65' data set
round 3 question
Not able to submit to sc1 express lane
Submission to challenge 2 to main lane has the status "RECEIVED" for 4 days.
New metrics
Concerns with the weighted average
Sub challenge 1 - patients without any VCF file on WES columns + Error: "Must predict all patients"
Is the second round open?
"No prediction file generated, please check your log file" and there is no log file.
overlapped entrez ids
Problem with log-files - some debugging information that might help
Would it be possible to see the express lane submission queue?
Question about "implementing threading in the submission architecture"
where can i download the baseline code?
mcc gives NaN
I got empty log file
Leaderboard is not ranked?
Cannot submit to "MM_Challege_2"
Wrong scores on the leaderboard
The FAQ URL in the email
Express lane
No prediction score email?
sub challenge 2 error: cannot open file
running time limit?
Is there a guarantee?
Has the second round of submission started?
Building Doker image is taking forever For Ubuntu
There are missing genes in validation!
can you please check why 9634095 to sub1 express lane fails?
ERROR message No such file "Rscript"
What is this error msg --- "Must predict all patients in the goldstandard"?
Docker - 404 Client Error: Not found for url
A "Has a conflicting submission" issue
Express Lane validation error
Team / Individual submissions - Docker pushing
sample selection in submissions and score for round
ExpressLane validation error
Can not submit to the express lane
Leaderboard not displaying anything?
Express lane is too slow
(solved) missing email notification
Please check submission syn10372033 / 9634086 for sub-challenge 1
MMRF VCF files for Challenge 1
Challenge 2: Patient IDs for samples in DFCI data set?
HELP: pysam error? NotImplementedError
are the test samples keeping the balance between positive and negative cases?
Cannot find validation files
How long does it takes to return a score?
vcf suggestion
VCF file updates
No score return after 3 days
How do you write on the Log file?
what is the submission status
Challenge Rules about Log Files
validation dataset file format
Error while running submission
Didn't get score for over 6 hours
Receiving recurring email notifications from old express lane submissions
docker submission problem
Validation Error
permission denied
Will clinical IDs and column headers match in the validation data?
Is this correct --- Not all patients in validation set have vcf files?
RNA-seq preprocessing
error in sub1 express lane
Sub challenge 2 datasets
(Solved) Error: No duplicated submissions allowed
cannot open file '/test-data/dfci.2009_entrezID_TPM_hg19.csv': No such file or directory
what is exact time zone for submission?
docker question: parsing vcf & the location of vcf
Issues with Docker
Select model for ranking
Missingnes and expression
Do processing time and memory usage matter?
can we use gender?
Validation Datasets Input Method
Cytogenetic Data
Docker push denied
Can we get scores immediately after a formal submission?
Validation RNA-seq data
Missing WES field in sc1 expression lane submission
What is the exome capture platform for the WES?
clarification on continuous prediction score
'CENSORED' samples in the training sets
Clarification for sc1 & sc2
how to access submission log files
SynapseID or the permission issue
is the data final now?
where are the treatment variables
meaning of row & column in mmrf_commpass_ia9b_cna_exome_fish_cn_all_specimens.txt
Synapse error on download.
Cytogenetic Data
DNA validation data set structure.
A question regarding the study names
Failure to download data
Submissions: currently only see express lanes
Where is model-state-metadata.Rd?
Was the webinar recorded?
a docker question
The Preparing and Submitting a Synapse Docker image page not found
Odd sample survival times and PFS times
Determination of progression or death
Does the validation expression data has spike ins as in training?
docker machine resources questions
SSL certificate problem when using R script to download data
challenge2 - missing clinical data
difference between rounds?
Scores for submission?
dummy validation expression data
Are gene expression counts available for validation?
Validation set tables
is fusion data really available?
Error in python download script
Details of the journal partner
Challenge Timelines
tables of mutations (SNV)?
Prize Money
Output prediction format
Data structure
Two questions on the RNA-seq data
Unable to download resources from the provided commands

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