BraTS Continuous Evaluation


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Status: Closed
Prove you are the GOAT: Join the BraTS generalizability segmentation challenge hosted at ISBI 2024!
Continuous Evaluation
About the acquisition of Test sets
Paper submission
Question about result and paper
Data Access
Mapping between BraTS23 val filenames and BraTS21 val filenames
Brats 2021 Data Request
Validation Results Submission
Information about Center Acquisitions
Format of the segmentation files
Data Access
Confusion regarding how the training data is labeled
Validation after the end of the challenge
Data access
Data Access
Validation Submission
Timeline for 2023 challenge
Submission Query
data access form
Submission column in Submission dashboard
Download data failed
Challenges' post-proceeding LNCS Submission
Haven't Received Training Data
Can't submit the prediction files for validation data
Annual Benchmark Snapshot ?
Submitting a locally working docker is invalid
Last Call for Docker Submissions
Number of failed docker commits
Only five scores using the Docker file?
A question about submitting a short paper
Can't download data
validation masks
Testing masks
Need help for the short paper submission
Regarding submission of dockers for testing phase
Question about the Docker image
Submission log error
Reminder: Submission deadline is July 11
Inquiry about Trainign Data
Impossibility to submit the short paper for BraTS Continuous Evaluation
Possibility to submit several times the short paper?
Can't access challenge training and validation data
Possibility to boost our neural network during the docker submission phase?
Data Specifcation
Unable to access the Data
Unable to download training data
Haven't Received Training Data
No response on BraTS 2021 data access request
Looking for the hardware available for BraTS 2022 MICCAI Challenge (Docker file)
Brain Tumor Sequence Registration (BraTS-Reg) challenge in MICCAI 2022
Error Downloading Training Data
unable to submit
Preprocessing script
The detailed mapping for all the available open-source datasets

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