Medical Out-of-Distribution Analysis Challenge 2024


Created By Tobias Ross schnobi1990

Dataset download Links
Code to determine the best threshold
Clarification about the evaluation
MOOD 2023 challenge results
Unable to download data
Re. model vs datasets
Difference between toy and challenge tasks
Submission deadline and feedback
Questions about submissions
Docker Deadline Extension
Error encountered
Question about submission
Different model for different dataset?
About the number of submissions
How to see the ranking?
GPU Specs
Different orientations are considered anomalies?
Submission preparation and docker image contents
Evaluation and scoring after test submission
I can't see any Mood folder for downloading data
New synapse project for each task?
Are Pytorch/Tensorflow pre-trained models on ImageNet allowed to be used?
About the deadline and the ways to test code
Method description submission
Is there any result after docker submission?
Missing data folder

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