Idea DREAM Challenge


Created By Chloé-Agathe Azencott caz

Idea 4: Phenotyping for FMR1-related neurodevelopmental disorders
Idea 2: Towards building a better gold standard for computational network inference approaches
Idea 1: Private precision medicine
Idea 8: Computational deconvolution of cell- and environment-specific signals in tumor environment
Idea 7: Type-2 diabetes genotype to phenotype
Idea 5: Molecular code for geometry of morphogenesis
Idea 3: Mapping compound-target interactions
Some statistics would be nice
Program Committee
any news?
Necessary font, margins, for the 1-page LOI?
Concept of the Idea challenge
How formal should the 1-page write-up be?
Is there a timeline for data collection?
Are there limits on the potential cost?
What will be the carrot for the lab to perform the experiments?
Who will perform the experiment?
Can we think of this challenge as writing a grant proposal for a joint experimental + computational project?
Is only one application per group allowed
How computational / biological / physical / statistical should the model be?
Do participants have to collect the data by themselves?
Question 2
Question 1
Are the ideas submitted to this challenge protected?
Is there a preference for existing data versus generating data?
Is there a theme, or can we submit whatever we want?
Are there examples of LOIs that challenge participants can follow?
Are there any restrictions on the model organism or type of experiment?

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