Thank you for taking the initiative to arrange this challenge. It made me happy to see that you dare to rethink and experiment in this way. Considering that phase one is over it would be nice to get some statistics. How many letters of intent were submitted? How many authors did they have? Which fields do the ideas belong to? From which parts of the world do the authors come? What is the gender distribution among the participants? Was there some dominating theme among the ideas? To be honest, I am a little surprised by the lack of information and transparency. I believe more information would help strengthen the challenge, the community, the DREAM organization, etc.

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And another valid point! Sorry for the lack of communication. We have indeed compiled the statistics. The summary stats will be in the draft of the Nature Methods commentary paper that we will share with you soon. Briefly, we had a very broad range of topics from basic biology to very clinical. There is no one most popular topic that we have identified which we find very exciting.

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