@BraTS2024Participants - If you are planning to participate in the **BraTS 2024 Post-Treatment Glioma Segmentation Challenge**, a small discrepancy was found in the training dataset, which has been corrected and updated as of 17 June 2024. For optimal model training, please download the latest version if you had previously downloaded the training data before this date. You may use the following checksums to verify the version of your data: **File Name** | **Version** | **md5sum** BraTS2024-BraTS-GLI-TrainingData.zip | v2 | 1d910b17d6cd32e38aa6296b8dfb7c77 BraTS2024-BraTS-GLI-TrainingData.zip | v1 | 2a4d884cc365ae2ec4bf1d8c2795ce53 --- ###! Full Changelog * **17 June 2024**: 10-15 cases had incorrect labels. They were identified and corrected. --- If you have any questions, please reply to this thread. Lead GLI organizers: @jeffrudie @maria.correiadeverdier @rs2492

Created by Verena Chung vchung
Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual files. This is primarily to prevent users from manually replacing files for future downloads. It ensures that everyone downloads the dataset in a complete and consistent format. Additionally, the processing of these files involves multiple institutions and complex procedures, making it difficult to offer individual files.
Can you provide the files that has been updated? I don't want to download the entire dataset again. Thank you very much!

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