Dear @PretermBirthVaginalMicrobiomeParticipants , Firstly, we would like to, again, thank you all for your interest and active participation to the Preterm Birth Prediction - Microbiome Challenge! We are very excited to look at all of your submissions. We understand that the submission process has been a frustrating struggle for this Challenge, and we hope to alleviate that with the introduction of the **Preterm Birth Microbiome Fast Lane** queue. This queue will allow you to submit your model for a quick validation check - that is, will your model produce a predictions file? If not, what are the errors? The data mounted for this queue will be a subset of the training data that is formatted like the validation data. We hope that if any errors are encountered, they will be as realistic as possible as to best help you debug. As a reminder, there is no submission limit for this queue, and submitting to the Fast Lane will NOT count towards your submission limit of 5 scored submissions. If you have any questions, please reply to this thread or start a new discussion post. Good luck! @PretermBirthVaginalMicrobiomeOrganizers

Created by Verena Chung vchung
Hi @yuanfang.guan , When running your latest submission, the output filename is still `prediction.csv`: ```sh $ docker run --rm --network=none -v $PWD/training_data:/input:ro -v $PWD/output:/output:rw $ ls output/ prediction.csv ```
still invalid but head /output/predictions.csv shows the prediction. thanks
Hi @yuanfang.guan , It's a minor thing, but we expect the output file to be named `predictions.csv` (with the "s"). Once you update the output filename, your model should be valid and good to go! EDIT: typo fix
can you please take a look of 9724387? no error reported, and i cat the output file, which seems to be right, but still a failed submission. thanks
@yuanfang.guan , It seems like the model from submission ID 9724307 does not output anything. Locally running your model and reading its container log has the same result: ``` $ docker run --network=none --name yfg -v $PWD/training_data:/input:ro -v $PWD/output:/output:rw $ $ docker logs yfg $ ```
there is nothing. 9724307
Hi @yuanfang.guan , Thank you for the suggestion. I am re-running submission ID 9724307 without a cap on the Docker log size. Let us know if you still do not receive a Docker log.
can you please help me check why 9724307 returns no log. By the way, can you please just return the whole log in fast lane? since it is just training data? Otherwise, it is just so difficult to debug whats wrong. thanks

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