BraTS 2021 Challenge


Created By Timothy Bergquist trberg

Status: Closed
Mapping File is Available
Docker submissions failing on some of the testing cohort cases
Registration and invitation to BraTS challenge @ MICCAI 2021
Expert segmentations verified by certified expert radiologists
can not access the data
Post-evaluation BRATS 2021 Possibility
Mapping file for Training Cohort is now available
Accessing mapping file
Accessing data of previous challenges
Submitter is not registered for the challenge
Have all the devices(MRIs) been 3(T)Tesla?
More Post Challenge Submission
Inquiry about Paper Submission
Regarding submission of dockers for testing phase
Brain Tumor Sequence Registration (BraTS-Reg) challenge in MICCAI 2022
data access
Could someone provide a good baseline 2D UNet code for me?
Final Results of BraTS 2021 Challenge
NO results from submissions
Name mapping for training images
Registered, yet unable to downloads the data .. asking to fill the form again & again
Post challenge evaluation weekly limit of 2
no CSV file?
Result of Testing dataset
When will we know the ranking results of our competition and whether the paper is accepted?
Test data evaluation results
Can I submit for validation after competition is over?
Unable to use Validation Set
Will the name mapping of image files from the BraTS to TCGA be released?
Final Ranking of BraTS 2021 Challenge
Final Submission
?We have evaluated your Docker submission on 570 cases. Your submission was successful on 507 out of 570 cases?
Not able to submit docker file
We have evaluated your Docker submission on 570 cases. Your submission was successful on 483 out of 570 cases.
Questions about submissions that are not successful with all 570 cases.
Could not access to the dataset
BrainLes2021 materials
Manuscript acceptance and possibility of arxiv publication
No *.nii.gz files found; please check whether running the Docker container locally will result in a NIfTI file within the time constaint.
Submission is scored with 0
Scored and Accepted changed to Scored and Invalid
ERROR: Unexpected bus error encountered in worker. This might be caused by insufficient shared memory (shm)
No *.nii.gz files found; please check whether running the Docker container locally will result in a NIfTI file within the time constraint.
No *.nii.gz files found; please check whether running the Docker container locally will result in a NIfTI file within the time constaint.
Reached the submission quota.
Remove submission file
Please check these IDS.
No *.nii.gz files found; please check whether running the Docker container locally will result in a NIfTI file within the time constaint.
Not able to install ANT n4 bias library having .7z extension
Structure of /input, contains 4 files or 4*n files
No registered teams were found
Outside time range.
The given date is outside the time range allowed for submissions
Submission scored only on one case
CUDA fails to detect NVIDIA GPU
Project wiki and source code
Disk space restrictions
Time limits warning.
Check Your submission (id: 9716197) is invalid : No *.nii.gz files found; locally will result in a NIfTI file within the time constaint
Docker run with Nvidia runtime
Login problem
Docker push - Denied: requested access to the resource is denied
Question about 'docker push ...'
Cannot see my pushed docker
Docker not visible after push
Cannot push docker
Docker submission - cannot open output file
No .nii.gz files error
[docker push] denied: requested access to the resource is denied
Exact time limit for one case
Invalid submission caused by the time limit
How to submit specific image tag?
Submission status invalid but no error
Time limit of 390s reached for case 00001 - stopping submission
Inconsistent report from submission ID 9716053
docker submission problem
Docker Input data format
Tesla K80 is not support by container
About Data Access
GPU-only operation with Docker Submission
Can't receive the scores
Submission Quota
What is the time limit for execution?
Time limit exceeded
Docker submission problem
Issue: `docker push` (denied: requested access to the resource is denied)
docker submission invalid (Submission id: 9715836)
Insufficient shared memory (shm)
login issue for
Submit more than one docker
Input Format
Docker container doesn't see NVIDIA driver
Can't submit result for validation evaluation
Docker submission quota and its reset time
Docker Submission Invalid (Submission ID: 9715689)
Workflow Failed
Submission ID 9715693 Failed to complete
Docker submission status ?
Docker submission prompts
Problem with downloading Brats training dataset task 1
Docker for GPU Tesla K80
Docker image submission quota ?
MICCAI Registration Required?
Submitted for Team Clarification
Can not see Challenge to submit docker
Question about dockerfile
Authors registration confirmation
Ask for help with email "Issues with your submission for BraTS2021 challenge"
Unclear instructions for Docker submission
Invalid submission ID: 9715186
Can not choose "BrainLes" as the "Track"
Submission of short paper for the challenge
Uploading Source code for validation?
Is there any chance of validation phase deadline extension?
Invalid submission error?ID?9715177?
submission limit problem
Question about submitting the short paper
Final Call for Validation Phase Submissions
Invalid Submission Error (ID: 9715126)
Invalid submission ID?9714926
Is BraTS 2021 data containing data from previous years?
Paper submission: Task 1 and Task 2
About 'File Tools' for 'Submit File to Challenge'
Invalid submission ID?9714944
Invalid submission ID?9714921
Dice computation question
can i submit to obtain the result of validation after the challenge
Invalid submission ID: 9714801
Invalid submission ID: 9714886
My submission (ID: 9714734) has encountered an error during scoring.
Submission ID: 9714690
Invalid submission
submission ID:9714685,9714683
Prize Money
Invalid submission
Send validation data
Can't submit to challenge
Inavalid submissions 9714557, 9714558
Invalid submission (ID: 9714548)
Invalid submission (ID: 9714604)
INVALID Submission 9714544 and 9714549
Invalid submission 9714540
deadline for final docker submission
Invalid Submission
Team Formation
Invalid submission
All of my recent submissions have the same result?
Leaderboard : no content ?
About submission of short paper (due 20 Aug) - how to, please?
Change of rules and submission delays potentially unfair : Participants and Moderators please try voice your own views too
Looking up submission id
Broken images in the dataset
The submission has been received more than 24 hours but without any update
The link between the submitted file and the submission id
Paper Submission Deadline
Confusion regarding short paper submission deadline
Query about subjects in the validation dataset
Noisy labels, relevance?
About the submitted files
Submission is INVALID
Do I need to put my short paper as a Wiki in my Synapse Project?
INVALID submission
Unable to understand logfile error
What is the size of training dataset?
Error log file
submission error (ID: 9713975)
submission error
Submission Status ACCEPTED - Prediction File Status INVALID
Submission status- INVALID
submission invalid
Log File, Error!
Quota limitation or timezone issue?
Validation limitation... about received case
Submit file to challenge
Submissions Id, Need Resubmission ?
Error logs
[Urgent] Limit on submissions for validation scores
Limitation of submission for Validation
No Access to data even after filling google form
Status INVALID with NO LOG file generated
Evaluation Time
LOGS error? - how to fix the problems this year-- it was okay for last years' BraTS...
short paper due earlier than challenge due
Custom platform and personal GPU system for training data stage
Submission status RECEIVED
Read error leaderboard round
Got error by validation submission
schema_salad.exceptions.ValidationException: Not found: '4'
Send validation data
Invalid status submission ; showing an error log file I dont understand
About Docker Submission
Submission Evaluation INVALID, getting errors
Send validation data
How to submit the short paper this year?
BraTS2021 evaluation portal for validation dataset
Submission status RECEIVED
submission invalid problem
Submission Evaluation INVALID due to an unknown error.
Submission Evaluation INVALID due to MemoryError ----Failed to execute script Hausdorff95
Could not find BraTS Challenge - Task 1 as an option when submitting file to challenge
Docker Push - request denied
Regarding Validation data and results
GPU memory limits
How to submit training or test results this year
Validation data on BRATS 2020 is still be evaluated ?
Dataset 1 spreadsheet or naming convention
Dataset 2 Dicom to niftiis - Weird cases
Unable to download data (and other issues)
Ask for help
programming language for task 2 predictions
Asking voxel value
Does it can download the training dataset ?
A query about the subject 'BraTS2021_00495'
Still waiting for instruction on Task2
Is the ID of Task2 the same as that of task1?
Filename mapping between the data of BraTS21 and previous BraTS
Questions about MRI images
task 2 dataset
How to submit this year?
Excel file in task 1 to specify high-grade and low-grade glioma
Question on dataset1 values
Whether Dataset for Task-2 will be pre-processed in dcm format
Data set download is too slow via Google
Access to training data
The problem with downloading training dataset
Problem with segmentation of BraTS2021_00621
The data does not access again?
Query Regarding Task-2 Dataset
Operative status
BraTS 2021 Task1: Brain tumor segmentation

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