AVI - A Virtual Pet for Children with NF


Created By Jineta Banerjee jineta.banerjee

event: Hack for NF 2020
summary: This is a tool that utilizes natural language processing to help engage children in recording their NF symptoms over time to help track their health and collect data for physicians
dataType: imaging
onSynapse: syn24304262
initiative: 2020 NF Hackathon
studyLeads: 3417457 3421892 3422460 3418023
studyStatus: Completed
diseaseFocus: Neurofibromatosis type 1
fundingAgency: CTF
tab1wikipointer: syn24304262/wiki/608242
acknowledgementStatements: If you use data/concepts from this study in a publication or talk, please acknowledge the authors for their work. In addition, please acknowledge the Children's Tumor Foundation and NF Data Portal using the following statement: "The results published here are in whole or in part based on data/concepts made available through the NF Open Science Initiative and CTF Hack for NF 2020."

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