TESLA data access


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Patient ID
Patient_10 raw data
HLA Calls
Supplemental Table 4: Wildtype peptides or mutation information
Matching patient IDs to FASTQ files
Problem in downloading TESLA datasets
Is it possible to download data without AWS?
Script to download individual files
Request Access error
Cannot download fastaq files using either command line client or python code
Variants from neoantigen candidates
Somatic variants
About bed file for Lung data
Do I need to do reads trimming before I use the FASTQ data?
AccessDenied for TESLA_10_1.fastq.gz
info for the provided bed files
Permission denied, please help.
List of validated neoantigen candidates
Downloading the data syn23446508
Should internal collaborators also get permissions for TESLA data
GTF file used in process of translating applied variants to peptides

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