CTD-squared BeatAML DREAM Challenge


Created By Verena Chung vchung

Status: Closed
Final Results
Challenge Write Up & Remaining Timeline
One day remaining!
Another Extension: Validation round will end on April 28th
Validation Phase Reminder
Validation Phase has started, and new secondary metrics
One Week Left in Leaderboard Round
Webinar Recording now available
Stage of the manuscript?
Using the data for further research
AUC for SC2
question about write up submission
When and how to submit our writeup?
submission failed
last minute submission of SC1
why docker push recursively retrying about model bigger than 10GB?
Push submission failed
when is write up deadline?
validation AUCS data question
Validation Phase
express queues feature name question
Questions about doing both SCs
New Express Queues
question about samples
If you can't excuse me, can you tell me what rewards are?
Does anyone know how to submit leaderboard test?
Timeline Extension: Validation round now ends April 1
h2o package has error running.
Docker fails to run on synapse
Failed to complete
Cannot find validation scores in leaderboard phase
Denied for docker push
Integrate other datasets besides "rnaseq.csv" using the sample program?
Failed submission
Low score in leaderboard phase
features chosen for subchallenge 2
example prediction file / trouble with file path
conflicting submission
(sc1) predictions.csv file format error?
docker server out?
Spearman Correlation
finalFusion not found
Question for submission returning "No logs"
dnaseq.csv in test set lists different variants?
Fail docker submission
Logistics for teams
Data preprocessing
prediction valid, workflow failed?
docker image size
Input file name
subChallenge 2 question

Unable to write to /output
Details about AUC calculation
Drug information
Is it allowed to use data not provided by the Challenge to train the model?
More detailed information on data files
participation eligibility
train, validation set
subchallenge question
requested access to the resource is denied for docker push
Webinar on January 6, 2020 at 11am PST

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