IDG-DREAM Drug-Kinase Binding Prediction Challenge


Created By Robert Allaway allawayr

Pancancer Drug Activity DREAM Challenge
IDG-DREAM Challenge Paper Published
IDG-DREAM Challenge - Quick Survey Request
DREAM Conference - Nov 4 2019 in NYC
what does the "-v" flag mean in "docker run -it --rm -v ${PWD}/io:/input -v ${PWD}/io:/output demo"?
How to create a "src" directory in a project?
Methods writeup update
Regarding the latest "Docker deadline extended" email,
What is docker?
can't see my submission
how can i submit my result?
Deadline for Round2
No Data in the Excel File
No responses for round 1 submission
Assay dynamic range
Submission failed to complete
What's the new deadline?
Is the code "average_AUC" provided from "" correct?
How to submit to challenge?
Not getting progress e-mails
Submitting your prediction file
New participation of the extended R1 phase
When will round 1 get reopened
where can i get the Leaderboards of this challenge?
Round 2 template and submission
Metric formula
Connecting to web servers from docker
Validation error in submission to IDG_DREAM Round1
Round1 is now closed
Number of allowed round 2 submissions.
Issues with scoring and validation
Allowed submissions rd1
Submission not scored
Round 1 closing at 2pm PST
missing predicted values
Submission File
[CI 0.99]Are there anythings wrong in the scoring system?
Error reading in submission file: Invalid file path or buffer object type.
Is KDAPP another name for KD?
standard_relation symbols and Kd > 10000 cases
pKd equation
Is Ki equivalent to Kd?
How is the training set of the baseline made?
Unrecognized Inchikeys
Looking for a teammate
Any possibilities for deadline extension
IDs for Round1 template compounds
Would the true values of pKd in round1_test_template.csv be released?
Kinase proteins as targets?
Protein target ambiguity
Rows with multiple target_id
assay_format and assay_subtype of test set data
Docker container submission
[File Share Please>< ]From Compound/Target_ID to SMILES
Expanded Data Description
Missing stereochemistry in Round1 data
Server seems unreachable
Pseudo Duplicate Entries
Is the round1_test_template.csv just a template?
ID Conversion Tool?
Activity threshold clarification
What is the scenario of the testing data?

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