Dr. Costello I am having an issue with the data imputation methods (TODO #3), I have tried three different methods: 1). Multivariate imputations via chained equations) this kept running but would not complete, I think my machine is not powerful enough do complete the task in a reasonable time. 2). Amelia packages, takes sample of bootstrap and runs an EMB algorithm, this method did not work because of the variables >> observations problem. 3). I tried a random forest method with the package missForest, this like (MICE) won't complete the task in a reasonable time. If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

Created by Jonathan Dekermanjian Dekermanjian
Thank you for the advice. I managed to get everything to run by using a smaller data set and tweaking some of the settings with the multivariate imputations method.
Hi Jonathan, two thoughts. First, you can work with a smaller dataset if you are running into size issues. Second, don't be overly complicated with your data imputation method. very simple approaches like inferring the mean can work pretty well.

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