Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cancer Metastasis


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theme: Computational Resource
grantId: syn7433743
abstract: The IACM workshop is designed to solicit novel pilot project ideas and distribute funds to one or more teams of scientists from diverse institutions and backgrounds. The workshop itself is divided into three stages, as preparation is required of the attendees before the workshop and follow-up is expected from those attendees who receive the pilot project funds.
grantName: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cancer Metastasis
grantType: U24
centerName: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cancer Metastasis
consortium: CSBC
grantNumber: CA209923
institution: Sage Bionetworks
fundingAgency: NCI
Genetic screen for metastasis drivers
Call for Wet-bench collaboration on metastasis gene discovery
Topic suggestion: Only the strong survive
Technology needed: single-cell RNA-Seq and others
Programs of cancer cell invasion: interplays with the microenvironment and therapeutic consequences
Provocative Questions in Cancer Metastasis
Multi-scale analysis of ECM-driven tumor cell phenotypes at metastatic sites
Sign up for teleconference time with Mentors
Workshop updates: agenda, FAQ and project proposal template
The effect of microenvironment and cell context in drug response
Topic suggestion: Tumor dormancy and the metastatic niche
Model needed to study metastasis
Topic suggestion: Non-genetic drives of metastasis
Teleconferences -- More information and links!
Topic suggestion: Heterogeneity of metastatic spread
Computational tools
Teams assembly

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