Respiratory Viral DREAM Challenge


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Access to datasets
Suggestions for Post Analysis
Post-Challenge Webinar and Authorship
Cannot see my challenge projects
Authorship Eligibility
Challenge Results and Webinar
Possible Update?
Hour 24 Test Data Available
Will independent test data time 0 results/scores be posted soon?
Submissions Due TODAY!
multiple RNAseq genes of Biochronicity map to the same Affymetrix gene
Round 1 Independent Test Submissions
Baseline Shedding Column
Gene IDs missing in annotation file of Biochronicity
Two missing samples in the biochronicity datasets?
Final Scoring Queues Open
Mapping RNA-seq gene names to gene expression values
Request for Sharing Challenge Posters
Independent Testing
Independent Test Data Evaluation
[A Poll] Independent Test Data Sets
Leaderboard Outcomes Available
Release of Test Patient SC1, 2 and 3 clinical response data
Travel award application
Is it possible to get a 40% gap between cross-validation and leaderboard scoring? Any idea from other groups?
Duplicate Submission
Regarding use the Respiratory Viral Challenge Data Set for a different kind of study.
not able to submit to leaderboard
SC3 scoring
Labels for Test Data
Important Announcements
Travel Award Applications
Additional Submissions
Where is my submission which I made on Aug 22nd??
Submission status
Alternative Choices for 'official' submission
Subchallenge 2 leaderboard
Overall ranking score on Leatherboards
Something going wrong with leaderborad?
Leaderboard results all changed?
Leaderboards and Webinar
Label information for Test data
Submission missing?
Leaderboard visiblity (a request to brag to my friends)
Reproducible Code
Duplicated submissions - Can it be deleted?
Duplicated subject ids in test data
Any other test set will be release after closing the leaderboard?
Challenge Deadline
Duplicate files in Leaderboard
LOOCV model training
Error in test predictions
Question about the p-values in leaderboard result
Leaderboard problem
Question about 4 submissions per sub-challenges
Sub Challenge 3 Leaderboard Problem
Team JayHawks-RVDC Submission Problem
Submission confusion, privacy, etc.
Permutation methods
Background distribution definition
Naming the Monte Carlo permutation files
Problems submitting to leaderboards
Question about submission procedure
Test data
Leaderboards open & Webinar 3 Registration
Format of predictors lists
08-09-2016 Respiratory Viral Challenge Webinar Q&A
Rights of new methods
Question about binary predictions
Questions about permutation analysis
Questions on leaderboard results and permutation results.
Question about submission - How many submissions are allowed to a team for each round?
LOOCV submission format
A possible scientific breakthrough?
Test Data Array Type
Predicted probability score at each time point
clarification of subchallenges' questions
Combination of R^2 and RMSE for evaluation of Q3
The same subject ID repeating twice for Rhinovirus Duke
Prediction Evaluation Measure
What shall we LOO-cross-validate?
Challenge Timeline
Community Analysis & Website Update
Submission template and performance measures
Questions on Viral DREAM Challenge going forward
MonBUG hackathon in Old Port of Montreal
Examples of biomarkers
Sub Challenge 3
Webinar 2 Summary of Questions and Comments
The study expression data have been just released on GEO
Are we expecting any test data release on 7th July?
Problems with challenge data
Leaving the challenge and providing the external data I processed
Not the only problem
RMA mechanics
Affymetrix CEL files: which format and which tool?
Challenge Workshop
Webinar Q & A
Code disclosure requirements
What is a BAA?
statistcial significant of the given small test data size
Whole Blood or Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
Question about clinical file data
Previous Analyses on Challenge Data
Question about Test Data
Question about SHAM values
Data Access issue
DEE1 RSV pre-exposure data
external data
Baseline gene expression level
Feature selection
Assessment: AUPR and AUROC
Subscribing to the Discussion Board
t-test type predictions
Data Access issue
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